Pretty car eats gas

So my car hasn’t been getting much gas mileage as it should be. It sounds normal when I say I have filled up three times in the 6 weeks that I purchased my car. The emissions test came back with flying colors. I’m not a pedal masher by any means and I don’t hover over the break like a granny. Maybe I need someone from Spain Car Hire to help me. But in all serious-ness, I’m getting a bit frustrated as I’m getting 343km/tank instead of 450km’s or so. I blame it on the short 4km commute to work – stopping the engine when my car had a chance to barely warm up.

The boyf and I are planning a trip to Toronto this weekend because I need to return some clothing that I bought online that didn’t work out — so hopefully we’ll get some answers via highway driving versus in city with all those annoying stop lights.

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  1. Which engine is your Mazda? Being a 1.6 you should get npthing less than 500km/50lt tank. I owned a Ford Focus 1.6 (Focus and Mazda 3 share many engine and chassis parts) and that was the worst I ever did. Are you plannin a trip to Spain? I could advice you for the best places to visit.

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