It’s been a while since I went to a live show with a DJ playing. I remember when I used to head to Liquid back home in Newfoundland when my favorite DJ was playing — DJ Dayhota. Now I’ve branched out and I’m currently obsessed with Hatiras. His music makes me want to run harder when I’m on the treadmill, start immediately dancing when I’m driving in my car, and all around puts me in a terrific mood.

I’m out of the loop lately for the last few years so i’m unaware as to what genre this is. I’m just going to classify it as house/techo right now.

If you want to know exactly what I’m talking about you can listen to a few one minute clips of his top downloads on Beatport. You can buy the songs individually for $2.49 as well. (Hint hint, I’d love this for Christmas!).

My personal fav’s:

  • Digital Doom
  • I Don’t Want it
  • Space Invader

I also love really chill ambient music. Stuff that you’d maybe hear in a hair salon, coffee house or whatever. I’m usually content with what music I have, but I haven’t gotten any new songs since 2006 when I was in the height of partying, going to school with some really awesome people who liked the kind of music I liked, and now I’m just getting bored of my music. I need some spiiiiiiice.

If you sign up with Beatport (it’s free), you get 10 free downloads. It’s too bad you don’t actually get to pick your favorite DJ or artist — because that would have been much better on my part.

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