remembrance-poppyI think the only donations I make throughout the year are right after Halloween when I see the boys and girls outside box stores, selling poppies. I know that’s pretty bad of me. But I cannot pass these kids, without buying at least one from them. Are you wearing your remembrance poppy today? I didn’t know anyone related to me who was in either of the World Wars, but I think I have a soft spot for the poppy as I used to work in the veteran’s old age home while I was working in Housekeeping at the local hospitals back home, and made some friends there :)

So I have the day off today. Usually we have a professional development day at work on November 11 as all banks and financial institutions are closed. But I’m home, and going to put on some winter tires and rims this afternoon with a reputable mechanic that I was recommended by my Boyfriend. Wish me luck! Hope the credit card doesn’t bounce :/

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