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After two and a half years of commuting to work via public transit (wretch: 2 busses, 1 hour, each way) I am moving to another branch at my Credit Union. It’s all very exciting and I got to work at the other branch a handful of times in the past, but this time it’s permanent. I will be cutting down 50 minutes on my commute, I can sleep in, the washroom facilities are only steps away rather than in a completely different building. It’s in a much more moden, and well … brand new building since staff has only been in there four months prior to me being hired.

I found out on Wednesday that I was to move. Of course I was given the option to stay, but who wants to commute a whole two hours in a day, without a car, in the blistering cold winters? I surely don’t! So, of course I accepted it. This means that I’ll be a lot closer to my Boyfrrien’ds workplace / 15 min walk (hooray, lunches together!) and the gym that I used to go to is in the exact same building!

When I first got hired I was given the tour of both branches and while I was there, I took some photos of the branch. These photos are roughly two years old but nothing has changed except perhaps the decorations. Name has been blurred out for obvious reasons.


There’s a handful of people I will surely miss. Get this: the ceo, my boss, and a co-worker. That’s a rareity right? Who misses their boss? Well — I for one, will. I’m really close to the three people I just listed and I’m honestly myself around them and we can give each other our honest opinions. For example, if the CEO (who I assume is around 60-65~ish) is wearing a silly sweater vest, I tell him exactly what I think of it. He may get offended for a second or two but snaps back at me with a great hilarious remark about my hair being wild that day, or something. So, it’s really a good connection what I have here at the ‘old branch’.

The CEO & my boss comes up to the other branch a couple of times throughout the month to check on things. However, the third employee that I will miss, does not. He’s like a father figure to me. Dad away from home type thing. I decided to break the news to him first, before any e-mails went out to the staff. Coincidentally it was his last day in the office as he was heading out for vacation to Newfoundland — and is going to meet my parents!! hehe! Anyway, I thought he’d take it fairly easy and be all fatherly-like and say “Well done yourself!”, which he did, don’t get me wrong. But before all that, I just immediately closed his office door, sat down and was like (cue: slapping my theights with my hands) “Well! I’m moving … to (insert branch name)!” I’m not one to be subtle. I just came right out and said it. Of course he was shocked. It was so unexpected!


1. Entrance to the Credit Union

2. Entrance to Wealth Management

3. Upstairs: GOOGLE!

Staff flew back into our offices as soon as an e-mail from my boss letting everyone know the news, was fired out. People asked me if 3rd employee was alright with it (aww!), and if I was happy to be going there. I didn’t want to be in the office while the e-mail was being sent out because I knew staff would come back and ask what happened and if everything is ok. Which it is, fine. And that did happen. I was a bit hesitant though, after I saw 3rd employee’s reaction. It made me well up a bit, since I saw him get teary eyed. I truly am his work buddy. He’s the man that picked me up from my apartment when it was a blizzard outside, and drove me home in the thunderstorms during the summer months. We usually say a quick hello or just sit in each others office for 4 minutes max, and talk about our weekends. I’ll miss that guy!

Truthfully. I’m extactic. I’ll be doing the exact same job, just not in the back of the office alone. I’ll be out front with all the member services representatives. I’ll get to hear what’s going on and become a better designer as I’ll get to see what exactly the member needs.

Today was my first day.

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