BBQ Wrapup!

Doesn’t seem as though I’ve blogged on a Sunday this whole month! Yesterday’s BBQ was delish, and scrumptious. It was mainly a rib-fest BBQ type of ordeal and since I’ve actually never eaten ribs before, I decided to join in on the fun instead of opting out for my ordinary chicken breast on the grill, even though that would have been super scrumptious. I haven’t had real grilled chicken like that in what seems like years. We’re not allowed to have a BBQ on the apartment balconies here, for fire regulations. But mmm-mmm,  my mouth is totally watering just thinking about it all over again.

Anyway, thankfully this weekend we totally slathered on the sunscreen so nobody got burned again. My boyfriend gets really angry at that, as he’s so afraid that I’ll age prematurely, get skin cancer and have to go through treatment, so… just bad thoughts generally run through his head. Thankfully we’re still as pale as a ghost. I’m hoping to at least get a bit of color in me this year!

So enough of that scary burn talk.  I have soccer tonight at 7p! I forgot to mention how our co-ed team did on Friday, we tied it up 2-2 and played under the lights since it was a 8:30P game. So nice! I love playing in that kind of setup. Well, off I go! Enjoy what you have left of the weekend!

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