So so so?

What’dya get? Huh Huh? What did you all get from Santa Claus!?  I got a nice few things plus some moniesss…but my favorite gift of all was a mocha colored Canon SD1100is camera that I totally wanted so bad! YES. Mmmm I can’t wait until my parents are over the brutal flu they have, and then we can have a lovely Christmas turkey dinner. My flight got cancelled as you saw in my last post, so my Boyfriend and I didn’t get home until December 26th at 2AM or so. Brutal. Christmas Day for us in Ontario was relaxing and we opened a gift from one another, and then ate pizza for supper lol. It was definitely a Christmas to remember.

Last night was my first night out of the house as I only got in the night before. It was so totally random. We went to eat at some new place down off George St, and headed to a bar to wait for some friends, went to the climbing gym to meet other friends and watch a movie for the junior climbing club fundraiser, then headed back downtown, ran into my brother’s friends, headed to another bar, ran into more old friends….saw Mark Critch from This Hour Has 22 Minutes, and shook his hand and told him he was awesome. I didn’t realize that he was tall as I am (about 5’6″ or so) and he’s got super soft hands lol. ANYWAY. So random. Love it.

Stockings are my favorite thing about Christmas mornings. I think my laptop totally needs … some kind of new computer part. lol. Maybe a new fan. It keeps going WILD. It’s not sounding right, and it’s not even a very old laptop, I got it for graduation in 2006.

OKay, gotta go get dressed as everyone wants to meet me at the climbing gym this afternoon!


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