Apologies if this is mis-spelled and not making sense to you all. I’ve had like 2 hours sleep.

I am not going to be going home for Christmas. Our flight kept getting delayed by a half hour or so every few hours. So our 7:35PM flight was pushed to 1:25am and so on. At 4AM they canceled it.

People flipping out. People crying. We weren’t “First Priority” because we LIVE in Ontario, no matter how far away we had to travel. So we weren’t given accommodation and we weren’t allowed to stay in the airport. So basically they “kicked us out” and said find your own arrangements. We came home instead of deciding to sleep on benches with our luggage.

So basically I’m in debt because of this one damn snow storm

Shuttle to airport: $120
Shuttle back from airport so many hours later: $120
Christmas food to do us until Dec 27 or so: $55
I’m supposedly moving to a new apt. in January so renting a uhaul will cost me $80
Unexpected government requesting money from me, due to me filling out the 2007 form wrong (which I’m looking INTO): $280 (!!!!)

My boss and co-workers are so sweet. I was going to head into work this morning so I could save my vacation days until I’m actually… going somewhere. So my boss asked me a few questions regarding the website and some changes that needed to be done. I don’ have access from home anymore, which I told her so. Anyway since she said that she asked me some work questions… I officially WORKED today. lol Awesome!???

We got home at around 6am, and then crashed til 8am when we were on the phone with West Jet. Not sure what’s on the go yet, we’ll find out in a few hours. I decided to go get some groceries before the shops close down for a few days.

I’m effing pissed. I teared up with sadness when the cashier wished me a Merry Christmas, just as I was scrounging for food for supper tonight/tomorrow etc.

I don’t know what to say. :(  There isn’t much anyone can do right now. I will find out in a few hours if they will be putting on an “rescue flight”. Other than that, I’ll fly out Dec 27 if it isn’t already all gone from other ppl snagging it.

I’m starving. Guess I’ll go make myself a peanut butter sammich then browse the internet for some computer memory since my laptop fan is totally wailing and definitely going to die soon.


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  1. Awww, Nancy, I’m really sorry to hear that. Hopefully they’ll be able to find a flight for you so that you can be with your family as soon as possible.

  2. aw I’m soo sorry hun. It’s to be expected with all the snow that got dumped recently on Ontario. Try to have a merry christmas.

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