Savage run

Just got back from a killer run. It was sweet. Listening to music makes me savage, and I just run hard. I love it. I need new batteries for my MP3 player though. It’s pretty dumb. It takes ONE tripe A battery, and it wears out so quickly. Lasts like an hour or something. Tomorrow, I’m hittin up the gym with Stefanie. We used to go to the University gym, and work weights, go on the treadmill, and just.. ‘work out’. After Christmas Holidays we’ve been going to a different part of the gym, where there’s only a track & some small weights. I love the track a lot better than the tread mill (I also love outdoors too, mind you). But working out, while people are running on the track, weirds me out. I hate it. So, I don’t do it. And now I feel weak, and lazy, and it sucks. Climbing tomorrow night too, of course! My entries seem boring lately. They’re all about working out, and school. Bah! Oh well…oooh, I’m getting a hair cut on Friday morning. Ron’s cuttin’ it for me. Shall be interesting. I need a hair cut desperately. I’m lookin’ like a streel here! My hair is way too long, and since it’s thin, it looks BADDD. K, I have no news. Time to go get a shower cause I’m sweaty, yummmm.

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