I miss you, climbing gym!

I really need to get back in shape. Well, parts of my body do anyway. I’m never wondering what my weight is, mainly because my weight has always stayed the same, for the last ten years. I’ve never hit 125lbs in my life and right now I’m sitting around 118 in the morning and nights. That’s cool and all, except for the flab on my belly that has decided to grow in the last two years of me living on my own. I’ve got pinner arms and a flabby tummy. Wah!

I think it’s because I primarily stopped climbing at the gym. I may very well make a New Years Resolution, even though I’m totally against them, because almost everyone always says “Oh my N.Y.R is to get fit!”. They always fail. Am I right?

Maybe I shouldn’t make the resolution then. I don’t want to fail.

But I miss the climbing gym back home. The one that I go to in Ontario is total horse manure. It’s small, and I can’t do heel hooks, and I can’t boulder. Well, really I can boulder, but it’s nothing on a negative wall. Just a boring vertical wall the size of a child’s bedroom. It’s smelly and crowded in there with a lot of emo looking guys with that ugly side swept hair. I HATE THAT. I went a handful of times back in July and August and met a few cool guys, but they were only there for the summer semester at the Uni. So I pretty much stopped going.

Climbing on my Christmas vacation brought back the love I had for climbing. I think I may force myself to purchase a 3 month pass to the local wall when I get back to Ontario, and then head on over, after work most evenings.

Whadda ya say!

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