Sorta angry right now about my shoe situation. As I told you all last Monday, I purchased a pair of shoes last Saturday in a mall, farr farrrr away. They’re deadly comfortable as they should be considering the price I paid for them. But since I’m an idiot and throw everything away — I threw the receipt away too, or so I thought! The sole doesn’t come up far enough on the toe, so my toe scuffs on the ground when I walk, making the shoe look much more worn out in three wears than it really should. I’m really disappointed in you, Nine Wests. Saturday morning as I was putting on my jeans I found the receipt in my pocket. Of course I had to head out to Toronto the next day. However, my big mouth should have kept quiet. I told them I wore them outside even though the manager was like “RLLYY? THEY DON’T LOOK IT”. Sooo obviously I didn’t get a refund or an exchange. I plan on writing an e-mail complaint to Nine West. It’s soft leather on the shoes yeah, but I mean c’mon they shouldn’t be scuffed to hell after 4 wears. Ugh, even talking about it makes me angry :P

So I felt as if I wasted my $29 to get the greyhound to Toronto just to fail at exchanging or getting a refund. I decided to stay in the city for the whole day and just browse around if something caught my eye, and whatta ya know. They did. I have these (really bad pic + braces, don’t judge!) cheap ass $10 sunglasses that are scratched to hell and just look like garbage. I bought them from Winners a year or more ago. I found almost an exact replica at Armani Exchange, only the price tag is a little more expensive — $85 Canadian. I tried them on, and was hmming and hawing about it for a while until finally some sales associate came over to help. There was a HUGE security tag on one of the ear pieces and I asked for this guys honest answer, “Are these lopsided? Or is it the security tag making it look funny”. He agreed with me, and at first I thought he was being sarcastic…cause he kinda looked like a fun type of person (? lol), but no…he was being brutally honest and didn’t want me to drop eighty five bucks for lopsided sunglasses. Maybe I’ll put them on my wish list for boyfriend to buy them for me for Christmas. Surprise me, dear? Ahem.

My trip to Toronto was unsuccessful. Though I did take a picture inside the new Bench store, where they had a live DJ playing some deadly music. I was totally bopping my head like a nerd, and I think he caught me. So was like “oh crap” in my brain, then pretending to text people or whatever. I know I was in the store for fifteen minutes or more, just listening to the music. It was really great. So I got all brave and asked if I could take his picture. I don’t even know why I wanted a picture, he wasn’t even hot lol. Guess it makes me miss the dj scene back home. I used to head out to one of the bars and take some shots of my friend Djing all night. Anyway, here is dude bopping his head (mimicking me?) to the music.

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  1. There isn’t many Nine West’s around, and I had to take 2 buses to get to Toronto. I only know my way around a certain area of Toronto, I didn’t want to get lost. Soooo… I guess I’m stuck with the scuffed (yet comfy) shoes.

  2. New site design is finished and ready to go – the big story is i am moving domains as i fancied a change – Vodka isnt really all that relevant to me anymore, so i am just waiting to have the dns sorted out for the new domain and transfer it in to Media Temple before i launch.

    As for DJ’ing you have to nod and bob whilst you do it, its the law. The guys setup is quite neat, all his tracks are stored on his laptop and he uses those two special vinyl disks to access the que points on the hard drive… Instore DJ’ing is pretty big over her to.

  3. can you not take the shoes to a different store..OR call customer service and say that they wouldnt return them and maybe they will do it that way? lol I dunno.. thats why I never ever say I wore something outside.

  4. I’m a buyer of cheap sunglasses. I always get mine at Rue 21 and they last foreverrrr. Way longer than my Fossils which lasted one week.

    What kind of store is Bench? I wish our stores had DJ’s inside!

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