What are your Pet Peeves?

First off: Do me a favor and hit refresh on your browsers. Pet Peeves: I’m going to list mine. Not because anything happened in particular today, to set them off. I was just thinking of them. This list has taken me quite a while to accumulate, so I’ve been saving drafts until I had a list long enough to post (lol).

  • Co–workers who talk to me while we’re in the bathroom, peeing. I’m sorry, but I cannot concentrate and hold a diligent conversation with someone while I am relieving myself. I’m not comfortable in public bathrooms!
  • Cankles. They just gross me out. I know there isn’t much that people can do to fix them. Oh welllll.
  • Snorting. You have a cold/runny nose? I have tissues in my purse, want one? It’s disgusting, please think of the other people around you. It turns my stomach.
  • Coughing without covering. If I hear you coughing and not covering, I hold my breath when I’m walking past you. I don’t want your flem germs floating into my mouth.
  • Dirty fingernails.
  • Thick, crusty dry cracked heels. Please get a pedicure! Writing this one out literally turns my stomach.

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  1. I hate when people talk to me in the bathroom, with the sound of peeing in the background! Ugh…it’s so weird and gross!!! The snorting things really bothers me too…I’ve been trying to break my husband of the habit!!

  2. Haha #1 is just weird. I mean, I agree with you! Just leave people alone when they’re trying to pee, lol.

    Well um,
    People who rant/bitch/whatever about Politics and politicians who THINK they know what they’re talking about. I know everyone gets to have an opinion, since they ARE the electorate but, holyshit, the things people say sometimes…

  3. my pet peeve? when people end conversations with “whatever!” :/ i usually stop talking when I get into my stall… or I finish my sentence and stop talking.. its a little weird with the tinkling

  4. DEFINITELY CANKLES AND people who cough/sneeze without covering.

    I literally hold my shirt over my face forever if someone does that. It pisses me off :(

    Yeah and sometimes i’ll be on the toilet and my dad starts banging the door to have a quick conversation with me. FUCK THAT.

  5. i find the second to last one weird, considering you used to climb lol
    idk how anyone could manage to keep their feet soft and nice when they climb!

  6. In all the years I’ve climbed, I have never saw anyone with gross heals lol. Maybe a lot of bunions or whatever they’re called. But yeah!

  7. Ugh, these are all annoying to me as well. In addition to like 3o17352 other things that I should list out someday. Haha.

    And as a current sick person I feel bad for the people around me and try and prevent coughing in front of them and/or ensure that I am covering my mouth and then using hand sanitizer pronto.

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