Moving out, again!

Ha! The reason I’m awake so early, and updating my website is because I’m sitting on my butt waiting for time to pass. My bedroom gets so bright in the mornings. So I was up at 7:00A! I have an interview downtown at 10A so I’m all ready for that. Now just browsing the internet and playing some tunes to keep me pumped.

My friend bought me a domain. I’m going to try and contact my host and see if he can show me how to set it up. will be gone! About time I say. So, for those of you who know me, I’ll let you know the new address. For those who do not know me, will either be poop out of luck or find out some other way. But not by me! :) :) Evil.

So I have to move out of my condo/housing complex before May 25 since the house got sold a lot sooner than we thought. My room mate’s parents are my landlord, and they offered to come and help me move out on either the 19th or 21st. Uhg, pain in the arse, but I did find a place – and I get the master bedroom. I’ll be moving in with a couple, and they live in the basement, and I don’t know why – since the master is pretty big. I’m not questioning it for fear of losing the top floor to myself! haha. Also, there’s a pool and tennis court in the complex. How wonderful. Just in time for the hot weather.

I’ve already eaten breakfast, showered, dressed, my hair is styled, face is on, even had a snack! 1 hour until I can go outside and wait for the bus. At least the interview is in the morning so I don’t have much time to get nervous about it. I have two more interviews this week, but they’re in a different city than my apartment. We’ll see how those go. Wish me luck in the one downtown though. I really want it.

I’m gonna go, but maybe next time I’ll update I’ll have my new website, and show you pictures of my new house! Bye all :)

Countdown to Nancy’s Birthday: 5 DAYS!

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