My nephew is born

Hiiiii! Long time since I updated, I’m now mooching off Scott’s wireless internet for the weekend. There’s so much news to tell you all. Let’s start with the biggest two things yet… I’m an Aunt, and I got a job! It’s a Graphic Design position, and I officially start work on Monday. I was debating which position to pick – a job in Waterloo, or one in Guelph. I decided to go with the job in Guelph because there’s more chance to grow, quarterly bonus’, younger people working there, and I can still live for free at my cousins house. I’m very happy that I found a job so quickly, I had 3 interviews before deciding, and while I was deciding, I had like 4 more people call me for interviews. Sick hey? I’m in demand babah!! My nephew Kelan was born on 7:31am on July 16 – he weighed in at 9lbs and 3oz after 48hrs of Labor they decided to take him out by a c-section. WHOOooOoo…’s a photo of him ♥

Since I have moved up here I haven’t gotten homesick but I’m sure that will come. I’ve mostly been busy everyday..trying to find my way around by myself. Biking places, taking the loser cruiser (bus lol). Wakka wakka wakka. I think I lucked out with some good bus drivers today. They were so helpful, showing me where to get off in order to be on time for work, and then I take some other route back home, which would be across the street from the previous bus stop (the bus system is so much better here, than home). Anyway, I didn’t think about getting a transfer since Id be getting back on the bus – back home and spending another $2, the bus driver GOT OFF his bus, and ran across the 4 lane highway lol….and gave me a transfer! Wth. How awesome yeah? I’m certainly getting out of my shell here. I was super chatty to the bus drivers today, and the people trying to sell me clothes in Smart Set today. Missus was way too forceful on me though. By the end of it I had basically 25 pieces that I had tried on for “Fun work clothes!” Idiot. I left, Ha, Sucker – see you make a sale from me now heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. BLAMMOOO. I really have no more news.


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