It’s real! I live in Ontario!

I arrived in Toronto last week! But then my cousins and I headed up to Montreal for Canada Day weekend. I haven’t seen Montreal at all, before that. So it was pretty awesome, especially with the Jazz Festival on the go. And the FIREWORKS were huge, massive, and long. So exciting.

Now, the fun’s over and it’s time for me to find a job. I had an interview on Tuesday, and I’m not really sure how it went – since it was my first interview in yeeeaars. I have a different interview, this coming hopefully I’ll do a little better.

A couple of days ago, my cousin Natalie and I decided to go to Mississauga for the afternoon and do bit of shopping at Square one. I don’t think either of us were in the mood to shop though, we were totally beat by the end of the day. She then drove me to Scott place, so I’m in his city for a couple of days now. I made a bunch of cold-calls yesterday and e-mailed some people, who are currently hiring. I need to find something really soon, I’m getting anxious!!

I bought a Good Life gym membership last week, and went for a quick 1hr work-out, that resulted in abdomen soreness for the next couple of days. Definitely not used to working out anymore. Taking only a one month break is ridiculous. I also registered with Bell and got a 1yr cell phone contract. Yuss! Anyway, whatever i have no more news. I gotta run down to the store now …. bye byeeeeee byee

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