You NEED this CD

My heart. Right now. Is pounding out of my chest. I’m that excited.

I finally found my FAVORITE 2CD pack. Online. [Renaissance [uk] Dave Seaman – I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!!!!!!] Trevor lent me a 2 CD set, while I burnt off a copy. He then lent the original CD package, to a friend. That friend “lost” those two cds. I’m now, the only one in Newfoundland with these two cd’s. Apparently it was bought in Australia, and super hard to track down. Trev and I went to all the CD stores in the CITY to look for this, and they don’t know what we’re talking about. I found it online somehow I don’t know how. But I got it. Maybe I’ll order it some day. But hot damn am I ever excited. This two pack of CDS, i listen to EVERYTIME I’m in the car. Everyone is sick of these two cds, except for me. CD 2, Song #7 is a song I listen to before I go to climbing competitions. It’s almost hypnotic. I have to share these songs with you all somehow. How do I change a full CD, into Mp3s? I used to have a program, but I don’t even remember what it’s called. Anyway. I’m heading out to Starbucks with my buddy now.


P.S: NOt sure if Megan reads this. But happy birthday girl!

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