My gums, taste like soap

Okay, I offically hate the television, and movies. I haven’t left the house since Thursday afternoon. I haven’t even been on MSN regularly until today. I can’t even count how many hours of junk I’ve watched. I was on the couch from Thursday, until yesterday…from when I woke up, til I went to bed. I’m chewing solids now, though it hurts like a son of a gun. I have huge ear aches that I’m complaining about. But no pain in my gums. The swelling has gone down, and now my face is back to normal, unlike before when I had Jay Leno’s head, attached to my small body. What a site that was. Mom wanted to take photos, and laugh. But I didn’t let her. I wore my hoody up for days, and an ice pack literally tied to my head. Those things from the hospital are fantastic.

Heading to the climbing gym tomorrow evening. I cannot wait to get back in there. Plus, with this whole wisdom tooth thing, I’ve let my left ring finger heal. The tendon was pulled and I had to tape it everytime I climbed. Now it feels 110% There’s a climbing competition on Sunday afternoon. If you want details, just e-mail, or message me. Or.. well.. just leave a comment on the site. Yep! I’m feelin’ strong baby.

My gums, taste like soap. I just got out of the shower. That can’t be it though. I don’t remember swallowing any soapy water. What the heck b’y?

Easter/Spring break is coming up on the 25th of this month. We get 9 days off. Thank the lord. Then I can catch up on school work that I’ve been slacking on. I hate being a procrastinator. Maybe when I get all my school work done. I’ll buy a gym membership. I haven’t ran in about 3 weeks, and I havne’t worked out in about 4 weeks. It’s driving me nuts, and I have no engery anymore like i used to, when I worked out. I love that feeling (Energy…)

Ron is going to dye my hair on Wednesday. How exciting this is! I love getting head massages. That sounds SO weird, but Tectonics gives head massages when they wash your hair. It feels so great. I almost fall asleep. Speaking of sleep. I’m going to bed, because I hate mornings, and the more sleep I’ll get, the less cranky I will be tomorrow morning. Hopefully. Good night all.

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