Hi, my name is Buddy. What’s your favorite color!?. This is what I’ll be doing the next few days. Watching flicks on my computer. I’m getting four of my wisdom teeth yanked out of my head tomorrow morning. Why do I need to be there two hours in advance? Is it to see me freak out? Do they do that to you on purpose? Put you on camera or something, watch how nervous and fidigty you get? Agh. My heart has been up in my throat the whole day. I expect the worst. Last time I had surgery, I was younger than seven years old. I don’t remember how old I was. I had to have operations on the insides of my ears, inserting tubes? ‘Cause I was half deaf. Anyhow, I hear fine now. Perfectly. Sort of. ANYWAY! … Once, i woke up in the middle of the surgery, well.. i don’t know if it was the middle. It didn’t hurt, I just remember them holding my hand, and telling me to close my eyes again. I think that the Doctors working on my mouth, will accidently drop the tooth down my throat, and get some kind of vaccum and suck it back up, and along comes a lung. Maybe that’s why you need to be naked under those damned johnny coats with no back. I’m so wearing my underware underneath that stupid dress. I’m also worried food will get stuck in the incisions and ROT.

I had take out, twice today. McDonalds and Subway. I feel like a big fat chunk of lard right now. It’s awesome. I’m eating a chocolate bar, and a mug of cola. I have to stop eating at midnight. I’ll be asleep by then, so it’ll be all okay.

I went climbing tonight. Did some lead, top rope, AND bouldering. (Just call me super star for now, thanks!) I got to the top of that green V4, twice. I don’t understand why I can’t top it out. Akj;lsaf. I also was working the 5.12 on wall number 9, but i still can’t get off the sloper that’s 3/4 the way up. I bought a bunch of climbing magazines, at the gym tonight. I expect that will be all I’ll be doing tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck! I’m gonna go find something else to eat! Later.

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