Working out!

Mmmm I just finished supper. I love lasagna – sometimes. I worked out today, with Stefanie, a girl who’s in my Graphic Design class with me. Man, I’m addicted to working out now, it’s great. I go like 3-4 times a week. I should buy a membership shortly, because it costs $5 to get in, each time. We’re going again tomorrow morning, because today we could only work out for 50minutes-ish. I love having a workout buddy. I mean, we don’t stick together or anything, we always do different stuff, I just feel better, knowing I can go over to someone, and talk to them… then go back to working out. I feel weird going by myself. But I’m going to have to soon, she’ll be going home for Christmas (She’s not from town). I’m going to a movie tonight with Stef and a few friends. Not sure what I’m going to see. I don’t even care what movie it is. I’m just in the mood to watch any movie at all. I’m on midterm break right now, it’s awesome in a way. But my teachers gave me 4 assignments to do, for next week. So I only get a break from waking up early. Boo.

Apparently, I have to get my wisdom teeth out! There’s one coming down, and it’s on the upper right hand side of my mouth, it hasn’t moved in about a month. Which isn’t good, said my Dentist. Also, the pain in my tooth I’ve had since I went to him before, was also from a wisdom tooth, just banging against my ligament underneath my tooth. Bah!!! I asked him if I’ll be put to sleep, but I’m only going to be sedated. He said he’d recommend me to his ‘surgeon’ friend Dr. Crane himself, but I have to wait til that Doctor calls me with an appointment. I wonder how long it’ll take?

I’m going to Ireland next summer. My brother was supposed to get married over here in Newfoundland, this coming summer. But he can’t afford to bring his fiance and her two kids over. So, we’re all heading over there. I think I’ll stay longer than my parents will, just because. I’m not really excited yet. I’m sure I will be soon. Especially standing in the wedding. That should be crazy.

I didn’t have a very good day yesterday. I’m totally missing all my friends who’ve moved away recently. It sucks going everywhere by yourself. I mean, yes I have friends that I can hang out with and go places with. But I can’t just drop by Jenna, or Trev’s house anymore and just hang out. It blows, and I can’t wait til both of them come home, for a little while after Christmas.

There’s a bouldering comp at the climbing gym at the end of the month. Should be fun. I love the feeling I get while I’m at a competition. My heart just nearly pounds out of my chest from the adrenaline rush I always get from it. Whooo wee.

Oh yeah, you all should go to Mike Rawls website. He’s a singer, from Florida. I just found out about him. I never knew he was a singer, cause I’m an idiot, and thought it was someone else singing. He sings kind of like John Mayer. Really soft and mellow. I love his music. On the main page, you can listen to his music. Click ‘er and giv’er biccies. I listen to it before bed sometimes. Sooo nice. Wow, long entry. Lates!

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