No chemo!!!!!

Wonderful amazing, terrrrrriffic NEWS! My father doens’t have to go through Chemo treatment right now. The Cancer Clinic fellow, said that the cancer on his liver is microscopic, hasn’t grown much since my Father got out of Hospital in August. They’re going to leave it be, see if it grows and maybe then try Chemo. He’s doing absolutly wonderful and I love it. I can tell I’m much more happier, and I’m not worried all the time anymore. Do you know what’s really weird though? I think people lose their short term memory when they’re under tremendous stress. Right? Because.. from August – mid November, I don’t remember a thing. I always forgot to call friends, when they asked, I forgot birthdays, assignment due dates. A lot of things, which I put in the back of my head. It wasn’t that important to me. Seeing my Father get better was my priority. He’s driving now, and making his homemade wine. He’s making faces at me again, and play fighting with me. I’m so glad he’s doing awesome. Though, he still needs to have bloodwork and take multiple pills a day, and have frequent Hospital visists, but it’s nothing compared to what it was. Ooooh I’m so happy!!!!

My final exams are coming up next week, and the week after. I can concentrate on them now. I did horrible on my midterm, so I’ve got to write a paper on a historical figure in the graphic arts field. I’ve chosen Andy Warhol. I don’t like the guy, but he’s really easy to find stuff on him.

I’m going to the climbing gym, in about an hour. There’s a bouldering competition on Sunday that I’ve entered. I can’t wait for that. I think I’m going to lend Pat my camera, so he can take some sweet shots. Anyhoo, nothing much more to say. Later folks.

P.S: I GOT THE v3 I WAS WORKING …. FOREVER! Oh yeah oh yeaah

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