Recent YouTube videos

Back again for the third time today. Third time’s a charm right? Unless it’s a bad situation like having to go through bulging disc surgery. That doesn’t seem like any fun.

Have you seen my recent YouTube videos? I’ve posted a handful last week and in case you missed out I’m putting them all here tonight for your viewing. How fun!

All About Eyes using Vasanti’s mascara and an eye brightening concealer.

An outfit of the work week which you probably saw on this post.

Glymm box unveiling. Hey, they don’t have candy in their boxes anymore! What a disappointment. I ended up tweeting them asking them why. Apparently the glass jars broke in the mail. Mine never did. Send’em on over to me! I love jelly bellys.

My second TopBox opening. Loving the products inside.

 I have a ton of new videos lined up to film this week. I’m thinking of doing a haul video on some clothing items I bought, as well as my haul, and maybe if my Luxe Box Loose Button comes in today, I’ll film that tonight!

Stay tuned, but for now—enjoy the videos :)

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Holiday Decorations

I “met” Aleeza by finding her beauty videos on YouTube. She’s not too far away from me, as she’s located in Toronto. I usually live vicariously through her expensive taste and haul videos. Love them. Aleeza was also doing Project 10 Pan and reminded me that I should do it too. You can check her channel out, and she also blogs and is on twitter. Aleeza must know that I’m incredibly into Nutcrackers this year — check out her favorite decorations below! Love that she personalized the little tree with my name, awww!!


  One of my favourite things about the holidays is decorating the tree. I love shopping for new ornaments, especially at Crate and Barrel. There are always new ones every year (and also some classics).


1. Metal Bow Ornaments
Normally, you would find these on a gift box but they look even better on the tree.

 2. Wooly Winter Sport Penguin Ornaments
Who doesn’t love penguins? Especially after the Happy Feet movie. These fun-loving penguins are enjoying some of the fun activities of Winter.

 3. Tree Ornaments
I love the spirals of sparkling gold wire. The swirling shapes decorated with glitter and beads double as a placecard holder. It’s perfect for the table or the tree.

 4. Nutcracker Ornaments
The Nutcracker is the epitome of holiday entertainment. Seeing these stalwart wood soldiers painted in candy-striped color schemes make me nostalgic for Christmas.

 5. Silver Frame Ornaments
These mini keepsake frames come in several shapes. You can hang photos from the tree or set it upright with easel back. These also make great gifts.

6. Snowmen with Snow Ornaments
Glass snowmen bundled up in festive winter hats and tinsel scarves, which also double as a snow globe.

What ornaments are gracing your trees?



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