What’s in my “Medicine” Cabinet?

I hated how messy and cluttered my medicine (aka beauty) cabinet in the bathroom had become. Back in October I had enough with beauty products falling out any time I reached for something, it was starting to bug me. I suppose you could say this was where the entire makeup declutter process started, initially.

before-after-med-cabinetIt’s been working out so well, that I’ve decided to my tips to keeping things organized. First, I cleaned it entirely out and started from scratch.

I knew I wanted some items for catch-all things, or things that I go quickly though (like q-tips, and floss). Which is where MUJI comes in. Because my shelves in the cabinet are so narrow the Muji canisters worked perfectly. Get this though, at Muji mini cannisters with lids are $3.50 a pop, as opposed to the one’s without lids that are $3.95. I know, makes perfect sense to me too ;) I grabbed two more, because I had already bought one prior for my individual flossers. I set them on the bottom shelf for easy access.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside:

topTop shelf is reserved for skincare, and foundation.

Left to right:

secondSecond shelf is a bit of a miss-mash still as I have hair care, and makeup removers on this one. Can you tell I love micellar waters? I have 3 in constant rotation. I also have my Philosophy Purity cleanser but after photographing these photos I realized it wasn’t in the picture because I used it last night to remove my makeup and it was next to the sink. Gah!

Left to right:

thirdThird shelf is for easy clean up I suppose you could categorize it.

Left to right:

bottomBottom shelf is for my nightly routine. I have my flossers, nail clippers and cotton pads for removing makeup. I’ve been LOVING the containers I bought, it looks so clean!

Left to right:

  • Individual right angled flossers
  • Nail clippers, eyebrow razors, extra hair ties, a random necklace, and some mini scissors I never use
  • Cotton pads

Each week I rotate the makeup out with other products, so I don’t get bored of them. For the most part though, that Dior Forever Foundation stays put (see my review here).

What do you guys keep in your medicine cabinet?

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