My first thoughts on Vega’s Protein Powders

Two posts. One day. On another roll. Let me tell you!

I skipped CrossFit again tonight, to attend Muscle Pump with my co-worker L McMomsie (She’s the one in the middle). She’s basically my new workout buddy and I love that she’s showing me the ropes. We’ve been going on runs together on trails I’ve never heard of, and now Yoga and Muscle Pump!

I literally just got back from doing it from the local YMCA. I spotted some baby triceps while I was in the elevator. I’m not vain at all ;)

I rarely ever publish blog posts in the evening. But this blog post had to be up before the end of July, because the product I’m talking about below is on a campaign deadline for the end of this month. I was sent some samples from Vega and received their Vega Energizing Smoothies.

You may have seen a few weeks ago that I ended up purchasing some Savi Seeds from Vega not too long ago from a local health food store, on my adventure with my friend Steph! So I’m a wee bit familiar with their products.

Brendan Brazier is a Canadian Ironman Triathlete (much like my Boyfriend — going for his 4th Ironman this August), he happens to be a Vegan professional athlete, meaning his diet is 100% plant based! Brendan is also the author of The Thrive Diet book which came out in 2007. When Brendan was training for his races he found it difficult to fuel, as a lot of the protein powders were made of Whey, which was a no-no for a vegan. He of course found some soy based protein powders but he was trying to cut back on that ingredient. (Read more about the Vega story here).

So, I busted out the first Vega smoothie I’ve ever had, after my workout tonight. I don’t know how much to measure out for a protein shake for myself, so I’m glad that they come in these one drink packets.

Save the best for last? No way folks. Have the best, first. Who doesn’t love a chocolate drink? I’ve been itching to try out Choc-a-lot ever since I received it.

The Vega smoothies comes in a variety of 5 different flavors: Choc-a-lot, Tropical Tango, Vanilla Almondilla, Oh Natural and Bodacious Berry. They are alkaline-forming, free from dairy, gluten and soy, and contains no added sugar, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. The smoothies contain:

  • 10g of Protein
  • 5g fiber
  • 1g omega 3
  • 2 servings of veggies per serving.

Two servings of veggies and all I have to do is add water and drink it? Sounds easy enough!

I actually didn’t mind the taste of it. It was strange – not the usual protein drink taste. Hard to believe since it’s plant based but the darn tootin’ smoothie really did taste plant-y! It was interesting. The consistency was too liquid-like for me. I ended up throwing about half of my drink out. I think next time I’ll make it with milk, or milk and ice cubes to thicken it up a bit.

Unfortunately since I do not wish to drink two protein powders in a row, I cannot review all of the flavors and the different ways to drink the Vega smoothies. I’ve heard that if you add water to the smoothies/protein powders that it will taste chalk, but I wanted to test it out to give it the full effect. Since it would defeat the purpose of being a completely vegan (even though I am not one) product.

So stay tuned for the following taste tests and final thoughts of these Vega products! I plan on putting some of the next one’s to the test and mixing them with milk for a different taste than adding water to the smoothie, and I have a great plan on adding another one to a bowl of greek yogurt!

Off I go to eat my dinner. Looks good right? Actually come to think of it, it wasn’t that colorful. Tasted some good though. First time making sweet potato fries. Thanks to my besties Boyfriend on making it while I was in Ottawa over the weekend, I’m now a huge fan! (Mine aren’t as crispy though!? Anyone know why? lol)

I cannot believe that one (small) sweet potato creates this many fries!

Are you a smoothie/protein powder drinker after a workout?

If so, what flavors of protein powders do you normally buy?

How do you cook your sweet potatoes?  I pan fried mine with a bit of oil…I can’t get over how much they taste like freaking potato french fries! YUM!


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Healthy adventures

My buddy Stephanie and I decided to get together last Saturday morning and spend a little quality time together!!

We met down at the local market and bought some yummy fresh produce. I made Stephanie take photos with my camera this day, because I felt awkward doing it. Look at all those fun colors. I want to dive right in, full body and eat all those colorful foods.

I LOVE asparagus. The thinner stalks taste way better than the thicker ones. Stephanie says I have a keen eye for asparagus ;)

Pretty colorful flowers!

Stephanie bought some for me herself.

Oh get this!! We ran into a guy who was selling tomatoes and asked us to try the last slice. For some reason, I stopped and made a “eughhh” type of face. I’m telling you guys this because it makes for a good blog post story. Trust me. He thought I didn’t like tomatoes. I just don’t like them on their own. It’s not like I’m going to chomp into it like an apple. I told the vendor “Well. If you make me a sandwich, I’ll eat it!” He was honest to my lord, getting his bread and meat out, ready to make me a sandwich so I could try out the tomato. I should’ve taken photos of it all but I really didn’t need tomatoes this week, so I had to apologize, and walk away. Haha!

We spent about an hour at the market and I stocked up on some goodies for the week (shown above) and then went to Thrive Juice Bar for lunch!

I’ve been dying to try out this spot.

I absolutely fell in love with the place. I love how everything is so clean and classic looking, but so futuristic at the same time.

I ended up getting the chocolate avocado ganache smoothie, with the big green sandwich.

We had some time to kill waiting for our sandwiches to be made, so Stephanie decided to get her daily green intake and eat some bamboo leaves while waiting.

See? Happy belly = Happy people!

The smoothie was out of this world. It had little chocolate bits in my drink, and was a nice rich drink. The sandwich was just as amazing as I thought it was going to be. The onyl reason I chose the big green sandwich is because Stephanie brought it to chaw on, when we met up once before and it looked tremendous. 

Doesn’t it look great? 

I forget what Stephanie ordered for her smoothie, but she also ordered the big green sandwich on gluten free bread. 

Chocolate smoothies make me very happy.

So do pretty bathrooms.Hey, I can’t help it. It even had peacock feathers! How could I not take photos. If you’re wondering why I’m using my grey Zara purse instead of my new love (this Fossil purse) it’s because it was raining that day and I didn’t want my pink leather purse to get weird and wet.

We left with our bellies full, and not bloated. It was a pleasant meal, but it did cost a hefty penny. My meal came to about $16~

I will definitely be back though. The people working there were so friendly and helpful. I kind of want to make a monthly visit to Thrive. How about it Stephanie? :)

I didn’t want to end the day there just yet. Stephanie is super fun to hang out with and always has me laughing, so we drove to a health food store (and of course, took more photos outside!)

Stephanie got some brown rice and showed me exactly how to pour the rice into this plastic bag. Look at the size of these buckets! They were filled with something different.

I decided to chomp down on this chocolate bar while waiting. But found out after all it was a shampoo bottle. It definitely looked like chocolate, let me tell you.

I picked up some treats for myself while at the store. The savi seed covered in chocolate kind of resembles peanuts. But different. Crunchier, not as flavorful but still a good indulgence.

That my friends, concludes the fun adventure day I had with Stephanie!

Hope you have a good weekend — what are all your plans?

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