Canada Day in Newfoundland

Next up on my adventures in Newfoundland was a trip to downtown St. John’s on Canada Day.

The boys got their face painted with sea turtles.

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Posing with “Ancy Nancy”. 1063923_10153005567830176_279018400_o

Next stop was getting a tour on the Military Boat with my nephews, brother and his parents-in-laws from Ireland.

The boys were clearly interested in the guns.1004773_10153005590235176_763694361_n

My brother and his sons :)1064105_10153005590250176_692482948_o 1064105_10153005590245176_1948124686_o

Looking every which way at the two cameras taking pics of the boys.1064105_10153005590255176_2110508416_o

The photo below is one of my favorite ways to ‘walk’ with my nephews. Cart them around on my shoulders! This lil’ guy is now 7 and is starting to get a little too heavy, but I won’t let that stop me yet.933898_10153005602725176_1733057314_n

We then headed up to another location during Canada Day where they had all sorts of free games for kids. Here are three of my four nephews. Love my little buddy crossing his arms as he watches another kids play. 933898_10153005602735176_445039921_n

Taking a rest with a drop of pepsi, on the scorcher of a day.933898_10153005602730176_2139794962_n

During the evening, we had Canada Day celebrations at the house, of course! The neighbours were all invited and we had a grand ol’ feed. Here is my Sister-In-Law and I below. Behind us are her Irish parents who were also in Newfoundland for a visit. 1070048_10153005627665176_2050334661_n

Daddio and I on Canada Day :) 1070048_10153005627630176_146269213_n

I know I’m 11 days late on getting this up, but I took a nice little rest from everything technology related on my visit home. What did you all do this Canada Day? Please do tell! I ended up fixing my Feedly reader (but not on the iPad) and I had 1979 posts unread from all the blogs I subscribe to. I decided to ‘mark all as read’. So if I missed anything, that’s why.

Happy Friday Jr and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Damp climate = dry hands?

Damp climate = dry hands? Well that doesn’t make sense, does it?

I forgot to pack lotion when I flew home to Newfoundland over the weekend to spend time with my family during Thanksgiving. I guess no matter the weather conditions, my chalked-up hands from CrossFit and Climbing require moisture at every moment. My trip was from Friday evening to Wednesday night, the trip was long enough that it didn’t feel too short, and wasn’t overly too long of a stay. I spent oodles of time with my nephews (ages 5 and 3) and have a ton of adorable photos to show you all. Sneak peak? Aw, well ok!

Homemade pizza’s with Ancy Nancy (that’s what the little guy calls me since he can’t pronounce the T).My little fellas hanging out on the couch with me at my parents place. There’s a funny (to me) story about this little red wagon the boys found at the mall. I’ll have a special post dedicated to my trip this weekend, or maybe next week. My boyfriend Scott didn’t end up going with me back to our home – he’s from Newfoundland as well. He’s saving his vacation for Christmas. Smart man, I say. Anyway, relatives and friends were all checking out my ring finger in case there were any unexpected engagement rings on it. Sorry to disappoint! It’s still bare, ha ha!

I returned back to Ontario late last night and had a very busy at work. Very busy evening too, which included volunteering by belaying (holding the rope at the climbing gym) for a party. The system they have going at most (?) climbing gyms, is that they have the regulars come in and volunteer to belay for a few hours and in return we get to climb for free! Sweet deal if I say so myself.

There ya have it… I’m back to regular blogging once again. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s OOTWW even though it’s only for two days, today and tomorrow’s outfits. I love short weeks :)

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BC Recap 1

I didn’t take any photos at all during the Ironman Canada triathlon because one I want to cheer on my boyfriend as loud and as excitedly as possible, and two the professionals take way better photos than I do anyway. No sense! So I don’t have those to show you. But what I will show are some one’s after the race.

We ended up checking out the infamous climbing area, better known as Skaha Bluffs. Such great rock. I didn’t bring my gear with me, but just imagine myself climbing on these rocks. Or bouldering, with hiking sneakers. You know, awkwardly. See below!I was much more inclined to check out this area which is basically in Penticton itself. Moreso than the previous two years we went to IMC, because in mid-August a climbing gym opened up in my area and I can now CLIMB AGAIN! Do you know how much happier I’m going to be, now that I can climb again!??

We stopped by a fruit market along the highway. Look at those mountains — how fake they look. Right? Incredible. Right out of a western movie, baha!I’m the hugest fan of British Columbia peaches after I had one the very first year and it was so juicy. These weren’t too bad either.We also had one day to hike a mini-mountain. This is the “summit” which wasn’t all that high, but it was high enough for me, and a long enough walk for me. I was pooped.

Entertaining myself while the Boyf sets up his fancy camera and takes better photos than I do. ;) Good thing I’m not into the internet mumbo jumbo free online dating, he was taking a while! I was playing on my BlackBerry for a bit. Tweet Tweet.

Anyway that’s all I’ve got for now! It takes an awfully long time to load photos onto an iPad. I’ll be back tomorrow with more!

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