3 round CrossFit WOD at home

Since we were wide awake from the amount of sleep we got the other night, and the caffeine in our systems from the McDonalds mocha’s. Last night at midnight the Boyf and I had the best idea of doing a CrossFit wod. I decided to document it and put it on display for you guys.

3round-wodThis was the WOD that we came up with. Instead of going out full tilt like a regular CrossFit workout, we rested while the person completed the first workout (not the first round). I did 15 pushups, the Boyf did 15 pushups, then I moved to the elastic band pulls, then he did. And so on.

pushupsGood gravy. I need to practice my pushup form. This was probably the 8th photo of me in this position. My body is straight til the very end, and that’s when I dip my chest to the ground and keep my butt up high. It was difficult off the toes! I ended up doing most on my knees.

elastic-band-pullsHere are the elastic band pulls that work your chest and tris. Having my photos in black and white makes me look more muscular. In color, it didn’t look that way — I promise. It’s why the photos are in B&W. Looks like I”m a beast. I assure you, I am a weakling.

bicep-curl-and-pressBicep curl and press. By the third round I was pooped.

tricep-pressThen it was the tricep press. I decided to do this two-handed, and do 20 instead of 10.

v-situpsThis is where I was speedier than the Boyf. I taught him how to do v-sit ups last night and he was uncoordinated but managed to pump them out. They’re difficult on the hips, quads and abs!

I think we both had fun doing this at home WOD together. We’re thinking of making it a regular occurrence. It’s great especially if you don’t want to leave your house at midnight to head to a gym ;)

Have you ever done a CrossFit WOD? Wheter it be at home or at a local box?

Last week I had a contest for the Brooke Burke at home workout DVDs and I drew the names this morning. Here are the winners:


Winners: please get back to me in 48 hours or I’ll draw another name. 

Enjoy your Sunday!

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