theBalm – a HUGE beauty giveaway ($300!)


1 Too Faced giveaway done and dusted, 1 Holiday Gift Guide posted, and my second (and probably biggest) giveaway is live today! Guess you can say that SpiffyClaus has returned this Christmas season, folks!

theBalm hooked me up at GenBeauty San Francisco, and guys — you are totally getting spoiled here. What a haul it is. Actually, I gotta be honest — I’m totally jealous of whoever is going to win this. I’d love those bronzers, and the mascara! Consider this my Christmas present to one of you  :)

As always, the packaging is beautiful, and whimsical. Can I join your Graphic Design team? Lookin’ for a job over here, and I live near the head office in San Francisco! Hee hee. Alright alright, onto the giveaway.

This is what one winner will receive: theBalm-cosmetics-giveaway

One grand prize with one winner taking all these goodies valued over $300. And yes, since I’m the one shipping the product, it is open internationally. Enter away! Good luck everyone!

And if you can’t wait for the giveaway to be over, shop the products below:

Enter the giveaway:

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Uh. You have makeup on your teeth.

Picture this. You’re out on a date with your husband (ahem, okay or you’re not married, and you’re out on a date with a hunka-hunk). You spent an hour (let’s be real, you spent over two) to get ready. Mr. Hunka-Hunk Date picks you up and the first thing he says to you as you step out of his car at the disclosed location (this time, being an NHL Sharks Game, they lost by the way, luckily it’s pre-season) the first thing out of dude’s mouth is… “Uh, you have makeup or something on your teeth”.

If you didn’t get the hint already, it was my husband and I out for a little date night the previous weekend and he said I had “makeup” on my teeth. Meaning, lipstick. Ugh.


(p.s. I will forever adopt my Canadian spelling for everything, thanks).

Meet-Matte-HughesThe Balm steps in and creates a long lasting liquid lipstick? Completely saves the day. Luckily my husband and I have been together 10+ years, so I’m not as easily embarrassed if I have something in my teeth. But-I-mean-c’mon…. it could be all avoided if I had just worn the long lasting liquid lipstick, appropriately named: Meet Matt(e) Hughes. I mean, the play on words is just too much. I freaking love it.

Swatches on my arm — so pigmented, right? I hate the smell of vanilla, and while these have a slight vanilla scent it’s also a bit minty too. theBalm-MatteHughesMind you, I did film a vlog, and the matte liquid lipsticks transferred onto my starbucks hot drink lid, and it also wore off when I ate my sandwich. So I suppose it’s long lasting… if you don’t eat. I mean, it’s also no big deal to re-apply either. Considering the product is easy to put on, and doesn’t bleed out. Which is a huge plus for a newbie bright lipstick beginner like me who doesn’t want to fuss with all the lipliner and trying to trace the lines ‘just-so’.

Anyhoodles! I thought I’d stop rambling, and show you what the 8 shades look like on my lil’ ol lips, so here we go…thebalm-meetmattehughesOne more thing. I have to tell you my two favourite shades are, that completely shocked me (was thinking of the pinks or darker colours that would be up my alley… no siree). The two colours I ended up LOVING and wearing constantly? Honest & Committed.

I mean. That pretty much sums up my relationship with my husband right there, those two colours, har har har! I love it.

I think you will too.

Also. Not drying on the lips. I hate that.

P.s. Remember that post I wrote about when I visited The Balm’s flagship store in San Francisco? The Balm saw that post, and sent me some goodies — I was pretty stoked. I ended up filming an unboxing video while I was at it too. Thank you theBalm!

Meet-Matte-Hughes-VidP.P.S: (So proffesional I know). There will be a fun YouTube video out of me live-swatching with funny faces coming in October, so stay tuned to my channel for that. The above image is what you’ll be looking out for on YT!

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theBalm: Flagship store in San Francisco

theBalm-store-in-SFMy friend Megan is a huge fan of theBalm cosmetics so when I was visiting her when she lived in San Francisco, we both wanted to venture into their flagship store on Valencia. I think Megan had been there prior to taking me to their flagship location, but it was my first time stepping into the store and really getting a full feel as to what they truly offer.

theBalm-SFJust take a look at that chandelier casually hanging about, in their cosmetics store. No problem, just add a bit of glam. Hoowee, some pretty!

theBalm-makeup-on-meI also might have had my makeup retouched by the wonderful makeup artist, Serge, then took a selfie of my neutral smoky eye he created. You can see Serge in the background, talking to Megan! :)

theBalm-productsHe used these 3 products on my face and under eye area, because I was complaining about my eye area being really dry. Time Balm (love their play on words) eye perfection gel was so hydrating!



theBalm-CosmeticsHave you used anything by theBalm before? If so, what? And did you love it? I still haven’t picked anything up by them, yet. I prefer to sit on things a while before making a makeup purchase. Anyone else like that? I know, it sounds so strange. A lot of people are a fan of their eyeshadows, specifically the Nude Dude, and Nude ‘Tude palettes — but I don’t wear eyeshadow. I prefer face makeup as to lip/eye makeup.

theBalm Cosmetics
788 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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