Holiday Gift Guide: Babies

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Oh my sweet goodness gracious. I cannot believe it’s only 9 weeks now until our February bundle arrives. The other day I noticed I could not reach down to put my socks on anymore and luckily my husband hadn’t left for work yet (I get cold! I need my socks! Lol!), so for the first time in my adult life, I had my husband put my socks on my feet for me. What a hilarious sight!

I have accumulated (what I think to be) a nice amount of baby goodies for our little fella, and I thought it’d be helpful to put it all into one nice gift guide for those new parents who are looking to buy for their youngin’s too. Read on for the ultimate holiday gift guide for babies!


DockATot Deluxe| I’ve heard from friends who have children that this is a must-have. There’s even add-on’s that will transition from sleep to play with a toy arch (which I’ll probably purchase!). It’s so soft, even Alfie wouldn’t get off it – he had a nice snooze in it one evening!

Gunamuna Gunapod Swaddle Sack| Basically a sleeping bag for your babies! Making nightly diaper changes easier to (hopefully) keep them slumbered as you change them. I hear some babies love to be swaddled and during those winter nightly diaper changes, I bet this would come in handy.


VTech VM991 Baby Monitor| Who says it’s just for babies? I’m just sayin’ guys, I’m putting most of this stuff to use so far, months before baby comes. Ever since Alfie had gotten ill in late September we set up the baby monitor to watch him during the night times. It’s SO handy. At first it was kind of creepy because he just stared at it. Can’t wait to use it when baby comes though! It’s wireless, it’s HD, and has a tilt + zoom camera.


Guava Lotus Travel Crib| I’ve briefly shown this on Instagram stories and on Twitter. But wanted to just tell how how fantastically travel-awesome this is. Considering we’ll be planning many trips back and fourth to Canada to have our baby meet his grandparents… this travel crib will be everything – it folds up into a bag that you can wear as a backpack.


California Baby| I talked about California Baby in my last Holiday Gift Guide: Momma-To-Be and I wanted to bring it back into this guide too, because it’s so perfect for baby’s precious (and potentially) sensitive skin. You can find the brand of products pretty much anywhere, so they’re easy to grab on the go when you’re out running a quick errand. Plus the range is so safe for both babies and parents. Try their Super Sensitive Skin line, the everyday lotion or their (unscented) Super Sensitive Shampoo & Bodywash combo.


Aden + Anais| I knew as soon as I was pregnant I wanted to have some Aden + Anais goodies for my baby. They’ve been products I’ve always purchased for friends, and are such amazing quality that lasts throughout the years. And, because my husband is a 7x Ironman triathlete and I cycle on occasion, I thought it was only appropriate to get a ton of cycling based items from their shop. Let’s hope kiddo enjoys cycling as much as us, ha!

Little Me| A plush Dashing Dinos blanket + matching Dino gown that is perfect for when our baby is due (February!). Plus some newborn and 0-3 month clothing. I picked out mostly white/grey items because I can’t decide on anything else, plus it’s pretty gender neutral and so adorable. I’m thinking this item may be the ‘coming home outfit’. We’ll see!


Independent shops| Billy Bibs has some adorable unique handmade baby bibs, bows, paci-clips and more. Then we have Lou Lou & Co. (I received their newborn essentials bundle) which I found on Instagram – they have a weekly launch of different stock each week. So fun!

L’oved Baby| Organic onesies that I used in my pregnancy announcement photo way back in September! I can’t wait to use them on the little guy. They have so many fun patterns to choose from.

HUX Baby| An Australian brand with adorable bears as their mascot. The clothing is so soft, plus I’m pretty sure I *might* be the only one around here with the kid dressed in Australian clothes from HUX! It’s just too cute I couldn’t not share this adorable brand with you guys.


Jack & Lily Shoes| My little California Baby will definitely be reppin’ Canada. I received a few pairs of adorable shoes from Jack & Lily, a Canadian brand that I’d love to support. Check out these maple leaf mocc’s… I posted about them here, here too, oh and here are the adorable green kicks too. OMG.

Mon Petit Shoes| Gonna be the best dressed kid on the block I dear say. The Oxfords are too cute to pass up.

S. Jordyn Buckle T- Baby shoes| So cute, right? Little guy has his first pair of high tops, and these are it!


Tervis| We got this adorable Ottawa Senators sippy cup and Little Canuck cup from the folks at Tervis. Won’t be used for a while, but I can’t wait to bust it out when it comes time! Alfie is named after an Ottawa Sens player, the baby has to be involved somewhat too!


Britax| We have an infant car seats now for both vehicles which we’re super lucky to receive as review items. Endeavours Infant Car Seat is what baby is coming home in!  We also were sent their new 3-wheel B-Free stroller which just launched in October. I’ll be writing more about these two stroller brands in an upcoming post, so stay tuned on how I’m lovin’ them!

Chicco| The Chicco Urban Stroller (a 4-wheeler stroller), we also got the Fit2 Infant and Toddler car seat to go with it which will go in my vehicle since it has a newborn positioner, has machine-washable (Italian!) fabrics, and is easy to use with one hand. I’ve already put this one together a few weeks ago. It’s hangin’ in the nursery with the Britax stroller too, ha!


Cuddle + Kind| This is our baby’s first toy! Hudson the Polar Bear (comes in two sizes). These are ethically produced, handmade dolls that give back to children in need. A wonderful cause with each purchase:  1 doll purchase = 10 meals.


Grey rug with stars from Lorena Canals Rugs| Alright perhaps not a necessity, but a nice thing to have regardless to warm up the nursery room and have it be baby’s personal space. I thought this Lorena Canals Rug that we’ve been leaving in the kitchen (until baby comes) for Alfie, was a nice little addition to the somewhat gender neutral nursery I’ve been planning. Plus! Bonus! It’s machine washable and comes in 5 colours (it’s made in India, and designed in Spain). You’ll see more pics in my upcoming nursery tour blog post, eeee!!!


Bumpkins Wet/Dry Bags| I can only assume considering I haven’t had the chance to use these yet since baby isn’t here, that these wet-dry bags are for the somewhat-gross-to-me parts of having a baby. LOL. Poo blowouts on their clothes? Need a wet-dry bag to put them in cause I sure as heck ain’t gonna be carrying it around in the diaper bag alone. Useful!

Parasol Diapers| Kid is gonna need some diapers! Why not grab these Parasol one’s? It’s a subscription service so you’ll never have to go a night without running out of diapers and wipes. Plus, the patterns on them? Too cute.


Nintendo Gameboy teether| Probably a nostalgic gift for the parents but still fun none-the-less. Your little one can chew away on their old school Nintendo Gameboy as they get their first teeth. Bumpkins, you have some cool products!

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It’s getting real

Mid-November. Making it 2.5 months until my due date. There will be another PERSON in our household. Not another animal, a person… that we’re responsible for. I feel like with all my years of babysitting experience that this is (obviously) going to be 100% completely different. I’m not nervous, or scared. It’s just kind of surreal right now, and so hard to believe it’s actually happening.

I’ve had a bit of a scare last week. Okay, so since Alfie’s been sick I basically never (really, I never) leave the house without him. Last weekend I decided to meet a blog friend for a coffee date downtown and low and behold everything that could go wrong, did. Unfortunately.

Scott stayed home with Alfie, but Alfie had gotten ill that morning after a long stint of being so “normal” and well. I wanted to cancel but there wasn’t much time and didn’t want to be that person who bailed last minute. So I drove the fancy $80K Lexus RS F downtown and parked. Walked with my friend to this new spot where we wanted to grab coffee, and I tripped and fell over the lip of the sidewalk that was lifted up (lawsuit, lol jk). I sat on the ground and bawled… kind of embarrassing but I knew I wasn’t supposed to fall while pregnant!! My friend kindly cleaned up my hands (I didn’t land on my belly, just the knees/hands got the brunt of it). I canceled out coffee date and headed straight home with wet eyes and mascara running down my face – what a sight. But not before I curbed the hubcaps of the eighty thousand dollar vehicle I was driving.

Just fantastic.

At least bad things comes in threes, and three things happened. Nothing else was bound to happen, right? Luckily that was it. I started getting a bit nervous and feeling worried that I was having decreased fetal movement so the next day: Sunday, I called the after-hours ObGyn line and my OB just happened to be on call that day and told me to drive into the Labour + Delivery ward for further assessment. Better safe than sorry. Everything turned out okay and it only took an hour for me to be in and out of the hospital but at least now I know where to go when I’m in labour? That’s the plus side I suppose, hey?

So the last few days I’ve been back to my routine. Hangin’ around at home, with Alfie. Still organizing through the baby’s nursery and taking it easy. Since I’ve been sharing multiple OOTD’s with you guys lately, why not share another.

But first!! Some cute nursery things.

Baby has possibly more shoes than I do at this point. Red mocc’s and green sneaks are from Jack and Lily, a Canadian company!

Continuing onto the Canadian theme, I was sent some Tervis sippy cups. I looked through their website and they had Ottawa Senators, and a Canucks one so I requested those to be sent over. Many might not realize, but our sweet pup Alfie was named after an Ottawa Senators player!

I have three adorable prints ready to be hung when we buy a stud-finder. They’re all from The Animal Print Shop. I’m SO happy with them.

And finally, an adorable iddy biddy top that I bought on clearance on Nordstrom’s website. The top is reversible, cool hey?

PinkBlush Mocha Heathered Soft Knit Long Sleeve ($36)
H&M Mama Super Skinny Maternity Jeans ($35)

I like wearing basics, and especially now that I’m pregnant, I stick to colours I know work, and I don’t have to think about matching, Not that I ever cared to match, to be honest. Hee hee!

What do you think of the nursery thus far? There’s now a stroller in the nursery room that I pieced together a few days ago. But we still have to put together the crib, which I’ll show soon!

Disclaimer: Huge thanks to my pal Megan for hooking me up with PinkBlush to be an ambassador with them too! As a PinkBlush Ambassador I get a point for each piece of clothing to review. Each time I post = 1 point. I did not receive monetary compensation for posting about the brand. 

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