Holiday Gift Ideas for everyone on your list

holiday-gift-guide-2013Introducing my top picks for the holidays to make your lives a little easier, when shopping for your loved ones this Holiday season.

hope-in-jarFor who: The skin care advocate
Why it works: It’s a whipped formula, light enough for every day use. It will keep your skin hydrated even throughout the winter months.
Price: hope in a jar ($20) ornament available at sephora, hudson’s bay and shoppers drug mart
Where to buy:

MIZUNO-WAVE-RIDER-16For who: The fitness enthusiast
Why: Running shoes only last a certain number of kilometres before you should invest in a new pair. Get your loved ones a fresh new pair of Mizuno’s to kick off their fitness regimen for the new year.
Price: $120
Where to buy: Running Room

MPG-BLACK-SERIES-BAGFor who: The on-the-go person
Why: Well you do need a workout bag to go work out, am I right? Forgot a hair elastic? Oh, right. You put it in your new GYM BAG. Zing, you’re saved! Plus you need to freshen up after the gym with some deodorant and wet wipes which you can conveniently store in the bag.
Price: $100
Where to buy: MPG online

katy-perry-killer-queenFor Who: The playful female who is always wearing perfume
Why: With notes like wild berry, dark plum and red velvet flower, the receiver of this gift is sure to rock her new Killer Queen scent with confidence and pull it off without effort.
Price: 50 ml Eau de parfum $59.00

stila-lip-glossFor who: The girl who loves to add a subtle shine to her lips.
Why: Pth, why not? Who doesn’t want luscious glossy lips? Or you can separate the glosses, and give them as a little gift to the makeup lovers.
Price: $34 ($171 value)
Where to buy:

fossil-machineFor who: The guy in your life
Why: So he can finally be on time for once ;)
Price: $185
Where to buy: Fossil


For who:  The budget friendly make up addict
Why: To get that flawless even, application of your foundation
Price: $23.99
Where to buy: Farley Co, walmart, or Lawton’s Drug

For who:  The girl with unruly curls
Why: So she can achieve a silky straight hair style
Price: $159.99
Where to buy: Flat Iron Experts

clarisonicFor who:  Anyone who enjoys cleansing their skin and having it feeling incredibly soft
Why: The best analogy as how your skin will feel after the first use, not one word of a lie? Touch the inside of your forearm. That is exactly how smooth and soft the skin on your face will feel after using the Clarisonic. (see my review)
Price: $139.99 — $200+
Where to buy: Sephora


fossil-sydneyFor who:  That chick on a serious shopping mission
Why: So she can put all her purchases in her tote, or use it fashionably for work
Price: $168
Where to buy: Fossil

Holiday Gift Guide RUBBERMAID-POWER-SCRUBBER For who:  The person who loves the feeling of a sparkling clean home
Why: Because it cleans up to 2x faster than manual scrubbing
Price: $19.99
Where to buy: Home Depot, Loblaws, London Drug or win one here

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Stila Color Me Glossy Lip Glaze Set


The Stila Color Me Glossy lip glaze set is another fantastic gift idea for those on your Christmas to-buy list this year. You can see in the photo below that it comes in a fun box with nine shades of glosses to choose from. However they’re packaged in three trio’s, so you can potentially separate them and give them as three individual gifts to your friends.


I foresee these glosses being popular with a younger crowd just getting introduced to makeup. I’ve tried a couple of them out and they weren’t my favorite glosses in the world. They tend to be more sticky on the lips and the colour payoff was much left to be desired. But that doesn’t mean to say others wouldn’t like them. Some would rather have a subtle wash of colour on their lips and I’ve heard so many people enjoy the Stila glosses. I’d just want to wear these with my hair pulled back off my face.

However I can vouch for the longevity of the product, and they glide on so easily. You know how some glosses just goop on and hard to smear around on the lips? Not these. The glosses love to stay on for a few hours, which is really nice especially due to the fact that they’re shiny on your lips and you’d expect them to last no longer than an hour.

The colours in the collection are beautiful. My favorite one’s are the soft pink nudes on the far right. It just adds a little extra somethin-somethin’ to your lips, know what I mean?


Colours in the set: Cranberry, Persimmon, Melon, Dazzleberry, Wildberry, Strawberry Cream, Passion Fruit, Kaleidoscope, Amaretto.Color-Me-Glossy

And for the price? You can’t beat it. Especially if you’re going to separate them and give them as gifts. The set of nine lip glosses is sold at Sephora and retails for $28 USD ($124 value) / $36 CAD ($161 value).

Have you ever tried the Stila lip glosses?

What brand of lip gloss is your favorite?

p.s. I received the Stila lip glosses as a PR sample. Opinions are my own.

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Stila Colour Correcting (CC) Foundation Stick

I’m sure if you’re into make up at all, you’re not a stranger to the BB, CC and DD creams that have hit the North American market within the past few years. It started becoming all the rage when us Westerners heard about the Asian BB creams — which usually have a higher SPF and are more thicker in consistency.

What is the difference of them all? To be honest, it’s just a fancy way to market it all. They’ll all colour correct your skin if you have enough coverage to the product. Some will be more dewy or matte than others.

Stila has a new Colour Correcting (CC) Foundation Stick and I’m pleased to report that I am happy with this product.Stila CC colour correcting stick

The PR company sent it to me and I usually wait to photograph pieces before trying it out. Didn’t with this, I busted it out of its packaging when the FedEx box came to my door and swatched it onto my hands.

Before and after using Stila CC colour correcting stick. Probably should’ve worn a different colour hoody. I look like a jailbird ;) before-after-foundation

At first glance you may notice that it has a natural finish. Then once it sinks more into your skin it looks more matte.

foundation-on-faceA word of advice when using this CC Cream. Exfoliate your skin, or it will cling to dry patches. Probably not the best suited for me since I have pretty dehydrated skin, especially once winter comes along. Nothing a little exfoliating won’t help with.

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