Loft Bar & Bistro, San Jose

Loft-outsideI want to like this restaurant and I will give them a second chance whenever I head downtown San Jose for supper because the food was good but they goofed right left and center with everything from our appetizers to our main courses. However, they were extra apologetic to us, giving us a couple of free desserts and an appetizer for next time. I wouldn’t blame it on the servers because we got there at a weird time when the servers were switching shifts.


Loft-Bar-and-Bistro-downHere’s the downstairs, with plenty of seating.



Loft-Bar-artworkWe ate upstairs. Love the exposed brick and the long restaurant.

Alright, like I said, our food was great. But it was messed up.

Loft-Bar-breadThe bread was good, super fresh.

The Guy and I cannot stand onions. So when we ordered our turkey sliders we asked if it came with onions (since it’s not written on the menu), our first server said she’d check then make sure there wasn’t any on.

Loft-Bar-turkey-slidersLook what came out. HAHAHA oh man, an onion turkey sandwich, with onion fries. It was laughable at least. The only food which luckily both my husband and I agree to despise is onions. So whenever we order anything we make sure to ask the servers if it comes with it. Our other appetizer, crab cakes was completely forgotten about! Deep breath. Our second server was such a doll, apologizing and taking stuff off the bill.

Loft-Bar-chicken-wrapWhat I ordered for my main meal. The wrap was drool-worthy, and the fries kinda reminded me like McDonalds french fries (and I love my McDonalds).

Loft-Bar-The-Guys-mealThe Guy ordered this. I forget what he ordered, oops! The food was great, reasonable pricing, and it converts to a lounge after the restaurant closes where DJs play their music, and they move the tables off to the side and the upstairs can have a dance area on the weekends!

Have you been here?

Loft Bar & Bistro
90 South Second Street, San Jose CA 95113

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Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose

Tech-Museum-headerWhile living here is still relatively new, I wanted to experience it before I took it for granted. Soon enough, we’d be living here for ten years and haven’t experienced many of the local touristy spots.

Tech-Museum-excitedThis is my excited face. I couldn’t wait to go in. I had a feeling it would be like the Ontario Science Centre The Guy and I went to a number of years ago. Although April Showers should bring May flowers, Mother Nature here in California likes to think it’s summer year round.

Tech-Museum-downstairsI was going to first say that the Tech Museum of Innovation would be a fantastic spot to take your kids (or people of any age — since we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves) here when it rains. But it doesn’t rain! So come on by anyway, and explore what’s inside!






Tech-Museum-nerd-pkGot our nerdy headsets on which ended up recording our brain activity while we walked around the exhibits, so we could look back on it later. I received quite a few stares from the people who hadn’t realized it was available, one person asked me if I was part of some sort of project! We only wore the headsets for about 45 minutes, I couldn’t wear it any longer — I was starting to get a brutal headache from the thing pinching my ear and ill-fitting my head.

Tech-Museum-bodymeHere’s the second part of the body metrics thing we were wearing, telling us how we were feeling. I wasn’t anxious though, I was having tons of fun! Perhaps I was feeling nervous because of the next exhibit we went to: the earthquake simulator! Gah!

Tech-Museum-earthquakeI took the advice of a staff member to check out the earthquake simulator. It was terrifying. Especially if you hadn’t experienced one before. The kids who hopped on after us all seemed to love it and stay on for each additional earthquake that was happening. But when you realize how destructive it could be it hits home and frightens you. I could barely stand up without holding onto the safety bar they had available for us. Me and my husband’s face dropped as soon as we felt how violent an 8.2 earthquake could really feel. Let me just say I am not ready to face that. I still have no idea where to hide when one strikes. Let alone thinking about grabbing our little dog in the midst of it all. Hoooooo… wee!

Tech-Museum-Jetpack-SimHere’s the husband and I taking our turns on the jetpack simulator which was really fun. You had a 60 seconds to get your red dot lined up with the green dot. Kinda felt like you were floating.

Tech-Museum-astronautOoph! There’s an astronaut.

Tech-Museum-upstairsSo colourful and fun, but a lot of the stuff there was definitely aimed for younger children. Regardless, we still had a ball!

Tech-Museum-creep-face2Haha. I mean, check out the faces we were making at the swap-your-face screen. Here are my eyes, some kids head, and my husbands mouth/beard area.

Tech-Museum-Creep-faceCreepy, and hilarious. I was in tears, laughing so hard!

Tech-Museum-funny-faceThis one too!

Tech-Museum-robotsThis little robot on the right was from the robotic design basics. We totally fell for the talking robot until we realized the young adult sitting on the bench was talking through a microphone. Completely fooled us, and we laughed SO hard when we realized we didn’t necessarily needed to ask it simplistic questions for it to understand. Hilarious, and definitely something kids would absolutely go bonkers for.

Tech-Museum-wattsMy husband, the 5x Ironman Triathlete spends endless hours on his bike every week. It’s not a surprise he can crank up the watts to make everything light up here.

Tech-Museum-thermalThis was another awesome exhibit, it was all thermal. The Guy always jokes around with me that I’m constantly cold (which I am). Truth be told by the thermal exhibit — I certainly am too! And he’s always super over-heated (In case you didn’t know like me, Red = cold, white = warm).

Tech-Museum-loveI took a minute, to spell out LOVE



Tech-Museum-bodymetThe Tech Museum of Innovation would be a fantastic spot to check out especially if it’s on a rainy day — rare occasion these days with the California drought.


Tech Museum of Innovation

201 South Market Street, CA 95113
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Cinequest Film Festival at California Theatres

California-Theatres-SJThe Guy and I have been going to independent films since we lived in Waterloo, Ontario (Canada). We used to get our fix of an array of movies just a block away from our old apartment. Clearly since moving here it’s impossible to know each and every thing a city has to offer — so I was pleasantly surprised our weekend staycation in downtown San Jose overlapped Cinequest which was also going on that week.

Little did I know how huge the fest was! Cinquest Film Festival recently finished it’s 25th consecutive year and my husband and I had the chance to check out a couple of films at the historic California Theatre in downtown San Jose. It reminds me a bit of the Banff Mountain Film Festival that we attend every year, and went to on March 14 in Los Altos. Except the Banff one is all about films that have to do with outdoor excursions, mainly in the mountains. Cinequest is an annual week long independent film festival held in San Jose, with multiple films to choose from each night. Where as Banff goes on a world tour for the entire year yet only visits ‘your’ city for 2 nights.

California-Theatres-insideAmerica’s history is so old, and I’m a huge geek for beautiful craftsmanship and architecture (I get it from my Father the ol’ retired architect, I spose!). Although Cinequest was hosting films at a couple of theatres, we managed to catch two flicks at California theatres both times. I didn’t get to photograph the beautiful theatre with the lights on, but I did snap a few photos while walking around.

California-Theatres-in So gorgeous right? I felt so fancy just to even be inside the building.

Cinequest also has film awards on the closing night of the festival, we didn’t attend that since we had a fairly busy schedule that weekend — but it would have been great to see what was awarded as top film, best feature, and other popular films so we’d know what to watch when we want something other than a hollywood film.

Cinequest-Champs-FilmThe entire building was quite classy and grand inside. Here was one gentleman introducing the film we were about to watch: Champs.

We watched two films over the course of the weekend, first being Traces of Sandalwood which was a movie filmed in both Spain and India, and the base of the story was two sisters were separated at a young age. The older one ended up being a famous bollywood actress and dancer, who was constantly searching for her younger sister. When she did find her, it was hard to watch. I never cry at films, and towards the end I had a huge lump in my throat — sitting between two guys (one being my husband) trying to contain myself. Oh, it was heart wrenching for a little bit! So much emotion. Definitely a great movie.

The final film we ended up seeing was the one you see in the photo above, called Champs. It was mainly a documentary about pursuing the American Dream through boxing, how it challenges the boxers and what success inevitably does to them. I gotta say, I’m not sure if Mike Tyson is an incredibly smart man, or if he is completely foolish and out of his mind. The film had some funny parts and boy, Mike can be a funny dude.

Cinequest-Top-Hat-ManAfter we left I snapped this picture upon leaving the theatre. Check out the man in the top hat and white suit, waving to everyone! Ha, super awesome.

To give you a brief run-down on the theatre, here is what I grabbed from my buddies at Team San Jose:

The California Theatre in San Jose, California is managed and operated by San Jose Theaters, a division of Team San Jose. It regularly hosts performances of Opera San Jose, Symphony Silicon Valley and more. This beautiful theatre, originally built in 1927 and renovated and upgraded from 2001-2004, marries the opulence of its movie palace origins with state-of-the-art attributes.

California-TheatreNow that we know Cinequest Film Festival is an annual event in downtown San Jose, we’ll be keeping a watchful eye for next year, and hopefully one of the films we want to watch is at the other theatre, so we can take a peek inside that one too.

California Theatres
345 South First Street, San Jose, CA 95113


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