30 day Paleo Challenge winners

Earlier Saturday afternoon I headed in to finally find out the 30 day Paleo Challenge that I completed at my local CrossFit box. There were over 30 people who took the challenge this year and our coach told us that it was a tight race for winning spots this year.

Seven paleo ‘competitors’ (4 women, and 3 men) made it to the announcing of the winners on Saturday. The coach took the first half hour and explained how he measured everyone’s successes and that he was impressed by everyone who took it upon themselves to do this 30 day challenge.

There were all sorts of prizes on the table for the winners and some door prizes to be drawn randomly.

I was starting to get a stomach ache and be a ball of nerves as he was stretching out the time, and not telling us who had placed yet. JEEZE.

Finally he started announcing the females placing starting with third and announced the inches she had lost, and the body fat percentage. It wasn’t me. I high fived her for getting third. Then, coach named off second place with her numbers – again, it wasn’t me. First place rolls around. He said my name. Then the inches I had lost, the pounds I had lost, and my body fat percentage change. I grinned but inside I was jumping up and down.

I GOT FIRST PLACE! It was a great feeling to put my mind to the Paleo challenge and come out with some great numbers along with some great prizes.

The numbers speak for themselves:


That above is how I did compared to the other women and men in the challenge. Their before numbers (like weight, for instance) was not included for privacy reasons, since I grabbed this off our very own CrossFit website. I don’t think many people would like their numbers published.

First place folks ended up getting some crazy prizes. I ended up with:  paleo-first-prize

  • Junk headband (popular amongst CrossFitters and they were at the Regionals last weekend)
  • $100 RMT massage with a girl who I’ve known at CrossFit for a few years
  • a CrossFit tee
  • $100 gift card to the local mall

Awesome hey? A few people at my CrossFit gym were asking how I did so well considering I’m already “so small”. I wasn’t kidding around when I told people my belly was the same size as my boob size from the start, that and the fact my diet consisted of a lot of candy, McDonalds and soda.

Everyone had to keep track of their food log which also had my sleep schedule, workouts for the 30 days, goals we wanted to achieve, the water intake at each meal, and the exact time I ate.paleo-book

It was pretty precise and I was so meticulous about carrying it around everywhere I went. Every. Where. I swear if I worked at toyotaparts.com toyota parts they’d love me for making such a detailed book of my entire month. It was nice seeing Coach C write a little bit on the back page for me:paleo-coach

Hard work pays off.

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The Results of Paleo

Alright. Here I am. Braving everything I have. Those who have an issue with me posting my mid section can just shag right off, I say.

It took a lot of guts to post these vulnerable photos of myself on my website for the entire web to see. The results of my 30 day paleo challenge from April 7 – May 7. Ohhhhh boy.

My backside before and after.before-after-back-s

The side view before and after. This one is more ‘impressive’ to me because you can see the shorts being ill fitting on my bum and legs. In the after photo they’re much looser._s

Now don’t be stealin’ any of my bod pictures for any fancy postcard printing ya hear? ha ha ha. I kid.

You may notice I haven’t posted a frontal photo. That’s because I didn’t think it was that impressive. Sure you could see results but in the after photo you could still see love handles. My stomach was more “cut” looking, but other than that I’ll keep that picture to myself for now.

The numbers don’t lie, that’s for sure. I was absolutely shocked when I heard the results as I was getting measured at 3:30pm yesterday.I think the coach that measured me was also very surprised. He swore a little when I told him my “before” numbers, and seemed impressed.

Before: 128.4
After: 119.4
Difference: 9 pounds lost

Before: 34″
After: 29.5″

Before: 39″
After: 36.25″
Difference: 7.25″ lost off my waist & butt.

I worked out a minimum of 5 days a week for those 30 days. Saturday & Sunday were rest days. But the last Sunday I went climbing, making it 6x/week. Basically I went to CrossFit: Mon, Wed, Fri and climbing on Tues & Thurs’s.

May 18 we find out who “wins” the challenge at the local CrossFit box. I’m feeling pessimistic (as I always seem to do about those type of situations). But hey I think everyone is a winner in my books, who was successful with the 30 day challenge whether or not they cheated. Which I did not. I truly wanted to see what my body was fully capable of in those set amount of days.

My clothes all fit differently. I have to wear a belt most days with my pants and if I don’t I feel like I’m hiking them up off my arse all day long. That and when I wear work out clothes I feel like I stare in admiration at my mid section the whole time. I’m really liking it.

Yesterday and today on the other hand was full of non paleo eats. Will I continue the paleo diet for life? No.  But I will certainly cut back on the amount of sugar I intake. Meaning, I’ll try to eat mostly paleo throughout the weekdays and on weekends have whatever I like in moderation.

I mean, there’s an ice cream birthday cake to be eaten, after-all. Right? Can’t let that go to waste.

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