It’s coming soon!

Our big news recap is coming soon, I promise. I just can’t publish it on the blog yet until everyone close to us knows.

So instead I’m going to keep you on the edge of your seats and talk about my weekend.

amy and nancyOur marketing team went out to lunch yesterday. So I asked my boss to take a photo of Amy (her daughter and my coworker) and I with her new BlackBerry z10. Not sure about the quality of the pic, looks the same as my blackberry bold photos but whatev. I love the pic.

I also broke out my hat that I got as a Christmas present. It looks so fancy on me, but I love it. The car was hat

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I almost cried at the sight

It was one of my last days in Newfoundland and I had the opportunity to pick up the youngest one from school while the other kid (a year older) came with me — he was out of school that day.

The school bell rang at 2:45 and my little 5 year old nephew spotted me down the long hallway. After spending hours playing the evening before, and all the days prior he was genuinely thrilled to see me. The look on his face was so priceless that it truly brought tears to my eyes to see how excited he was to see his “Ancy Nancy” picking him up from school.

ruairi stepping on my bootGotta say the little buddy takes after me with his many facial expressions (as he steps on my boot purposely in the above pic lol). When he spotted me waiting in the lobby of the school, his face dropped into a shy but expressive jaw-dropping smile. It was adorable. Once he got close, he starting running to me. I bent down to my knees and gave him a warm bear hug. One of the best moments of my trip.

It’s so bitter sweet. I almost cried at the sight. I’m not a crier. I was ecstatic picking up my nephews from school, but sad in a way that I don’t get to do it more often.taking off ruairis cap

I have to say that is truly one of my favorite things about being home. The joy of picking up my nephews from a full day of school. A school that I went to Jr High (grades 5-8) in, now turned into an elementary school. The hallways back then seemed long, the classrooms seemed extraordinary large. Going back into that same building, with that same foul apple-smell in the hallways (why do all schools SMELL the same?) brought back so many memories of attending that school. Plus omg not to mention — the hallway is SO LITTLE. It’s funny how your perception changes as you grow.

It’s also a little disheartening cute how kids see adults as all the same age. I even went on a FIELD TRIP with my nephew’s 7 year old class. How crazy is that? His mother (my sister-in-law. Duh) attended as well. We the class learned about the weather and had some cool experiments that I gladly participated in. My nephew blurted out a question while we were on the adventure walk with the class “Who is older? YOU or my MOM?” Legitimate question, I understand your concerns kid. But omg there’s a freaking DECADE plus a few more years tacked on between our ages. I suppose he thinks me and my own mother are only 3 years in the difference too. Right?

Either way. Won’t be that log until I’m back again. 7 more weeks til I’m home for Christmas and get to see these sweet faces again.nephews and i smiling

Huge thanks to my Mom for taking all these fantastic candid shots of my nephews and I that day in Bowring Park, St. John’s.

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Canada Day in Newfoundland

Next up on my adventures in Newfoundland was a trip to downtown St. John’s on Canada Day.

The boys got their face painted with sea turtles.

1063923_10153005567850176_1632238282_o 1000485_10153005567835176_1065231627_n

Posing with “Ancy Nancy”. 1063923_10153005567830176_279018400_o

Next stop was getting a tour on the Military Boat with my nephews, brother and his parents-in-laws from Ireland.

The boys were clearly interested in the guns.1004773_10153005590235176_763694361_n

My brother and his sons :)1064105_10153005590250176_692482948_o 1064105_10153005590245176_1948124686_o

Looking every which way at the two cameras taking pics of the boys.1064105_10153005590255176_2110508416_o

The photo below is one of my favorite ways to ‘walk’ with my nephews. Cart them around on my shoulders! This lil’ guy is now 7 and is starting to get a little too heavy, but I won’t let that stop me yet.933898_10153005602725176_1733057314_n

We then headed up to another location during Canada Day where they had all sorts of free games for kids. Here are three of my four nephews. Love my little buddy crossing his arms as he watches another kids play. 933898_10153005602735176_445039921_n

Taking a rest with a drop of pepsi, on the scorcher of a day.933898_10153005602730176_2139794962_n

During the evening, we had Canada Day celebrations at the house, of course! The neighbours were all invited and we had a grand ol’ feed. Here is my Sister-In-Law and I below. Behind us are her Irish parents who were also in Newfoundland for a visit. 1070048_10153005627665176_2050334661_n

Daddio and I on Canada Day :) 1070048_10153005627630176_146269213_n

I know I’m 11 days late on getting this up, but I took a nice little rest from everything technology related on my visit home. What did you all do this Canada Day? Please do tell! I ended up fixing my Feedly reader (but not on the iPad) and I had 1979 posts unread from all the blogs I subscribe to. I decided to ‘mark all as read’. So if I missed anything, that’s why.

Happy Friday Jr and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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