Random Tuesday thoughts

Agh! I don’t have any blog posts planned out for the week, so I’m sitting down here this morning going to tell you all about my week and last night.

I bought a bunch of stuff at Ikea last week when my boyf was in the states for a few races. I had to retrieve him the other night 50 minutes away and get on three highways in total. I’m telling ya, I’m becoming the real slick driver here in Ontario. I guess the GPS had something to do with it too. Coming up in July I have to renew my license, and get a new picture taken. Also probably shop around at the same time for auto insurance quotes burlington nc.

lemon-pepper-chicken-stirfr I made this for supper last night.

11-bucks-groceriesOut of the $10.89 I spent on  groceries last night. Maple leaf coupons totally had something to do with it ;)

Last night he put one of the two items together, a bookcase for myself in the bedroom. I had planned on using it for just shoes, but it’s sort of smaller than I anticipated. It’s tall, with 8 cubbies, but not sure if all my shoes will fit. We also had a debate as to whether or not it should stand up straight (his idea) or lay horizontally to make it look much “cooler” (I always have the cool ideas). We finally decided on having it vertical just because it won’t use up so much floor space.

I’m counting down the sleeps until I head home to Newfoundland. It’s just me going home on this trip, so I’ve been planning out meals for the Boyf while I’m away. Cooking in advance and all that sweet girlfriend stuff.

I’m wearing a maxi dress today. Want to see? Not sure what I think about it, but I’m wearin it!

Oh! I filmed another YouTube video. Watch it if you want:

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