MAKE UP FOR EVER PRO Seminar with Dany Sanz

Last week when I had planned to go to an event at MAKE UP FOR EVER in Toronto, the night before called for a severe snow storm with piles of snow to be hit. It stressed me out wondering how I’d get into the city. Take an insanely early train? Take the greyhound bus? Dude. I had plans. Mother Nature better get her act in gear. I felt like I couldn’t have picked a worse day for my day off.MAKE UP FOR EVER PRO seminar with Dany Sanz

By morning the so-called snow storm was insignificant and I was on my merry way.  As soon as my bus left at 5:55am, I had a bit of a panicky moment. My bus wasn’t supposed to leave until 6:10! Whewf, we’re not going in the opposite direction, as luck would have it — I ended up catching the earlier Greyhound.

I ate an expensive breakfast at Royal York in Toronto while I waited for some time to pass before I found my way to the seminar. Hot chocolate and yogurt parfait, oops there goes $10!

The event was at Twist Gallery in downtown Toronto, and it was decorated beautifully with monster sized MAKE UP FOR EVER posters.MAKE UP FOR EVER posters

I made it there a half hour before it started, plenty of time to get situated and find a seat.
Twist Gallery Toronto

Then I looked around a bit before the seminar started. MAKE UP FOR EVER goodies

For pros. For you. For ever.for pros for you for ever

MAKE UP FOR EVER make up set up for Dany to use on her models. MAKE-UP-FOR-EVER-setup

Beautiful portrait of Dany. Dany-Sanz-portrait

Then it was show time. Dany Sanz came on stage. Dany-Sanz

She spoke beautifully about her products, did a demonstration on the new items of what’s coming out for Summer 2013.Dany-Sanz-2

New brushes? Yes please. Also, a pro finish multi-use powder foundation, which I’m sure some make up lovers would be eager to try out. You can use it wet or dry, and it won’t create this evil film on the powder if you use it with a wet sponge/brush.

Some of the new upcoming launches from MAKE UP FOR EVER are:

Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation (available Summer 2013)

  • Good for oily skin as it’s matte
  • Good for dry skin since it’s not drying
  • Can use with water, but not MAKE UP FOR EVER Mist & Fix
  • Use with a sponge or brush
  • Use concealer before OR after. The powder is mixed with the oil and water, so it’s up to you. It’s a “freedom product” as Dany said, because of the formulation

Chromatic Mix (13ml bottle)
This is a make up liquid pigment  which you can use this to create your own personal, precise foundation colors. Before the color wasn’t as realistic, sometimes chalky, sometimes too grey/yellow. Now you need pure pigmentation for it to look real.

Dany says that on camera ethnic skin was difficult to achieve natural look. The Chromatic Mix comes in a water based as well as an oil based mix.Just one drop of this magical pigment allows you to create custom colors. You can use it with foundations, concealers, or with the use of an airbrush.

Available colors:

  • White — to lighten your foundation
  • Blue
  • Yellow — make it closer to your skin tone. “Most important color”. A lot of people would use this one.
  • Red
  • Black — Takes the luminosity of beige. It’s more natural, not too radiant.
  • Brown

This type of pigment wouldn’t be beneficial to me since I’m not a make up artist or do make up on other people, ever. So this type of product would cater more to the PROs, hence the pro seminar.

We had a quick ten minute break, where we had little brown bags filled up with all sorts of goodies. Delicious stuff too. Oh hey, can you spot Lindsey? :)treat bags

Towards the end of the seminar Dany held, she was given a belated birthday present from the Canadian Make Up For Ever team, and we even sang Happy Birthday to her. Can you believe she’s 66? She looks absolutely incredible for her age. I love her bright fun hair style. Dany-Sanz-Birthday-Gift

Omg was Dany looking at my camera?Dany-Sanz-looking-at-my-cam

I also got my photo taken with her. Think I was a little excited to meet her? Also, excuse my melon-head. Dany-Sanz-and-I

MAKE UP FOR EVER is one of my favorite make up brands. It’s a professional cosmetics brand founded in 1984 by artist Dany Sanz. Dany was originally a painter in Paris in the 80’s who worked in theatre productions. She wanted to create a make up that would work both on stage for fashion and show-business, and also in your daily life.  To say that this woman knows her stuff, is an understatement. It was a pleasure being in the same room as her, let alone have my photo taken with her. Incredible opportunity that I’ll never forget.

Did you know that she did the make up for the movie Avatar?

Quoted from the YouTube video:

 Thanks to MAKE UP FOR EVER, the fantastic world of AVATAR came to life for one night at the Champs Elysées Virgin Megastore, France. The talented Dany SANZ and her team body painted two models in front of a crowd of journalists and people especially gathered for the event. The evening of the 20 April 2010 was magical and… will be remembered as the time when MAKE UP FOR EVER brought James CAMERON’s movie characters to reality.

I felt so lucky to be able to take the day off to attend this event, thanks to Lindsey from MAKE UP FOR EVER. Thank you so so much for inviting me.

Find MAKE UP FOR EVER on Facebook, and Twitter.

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Ready for the holidays

Can it be Christmas time already? I’m patiently waiting here.

Fun fact: I used to wake up on Christmas Eve morning hoping Santa came early to our house. He never did.

While the Canadian thanksgiving feels like forever ago, the American one is coming right up. I feel like I should get ready to put my winter snow tires on, and wake up one morning with light white fluffy stuff falling from the sky. I promise I’ll only like it the first few snow falls, then I’ll get over it in a hurry, wishing I was basking in the sun, somewhere down south.

As you can tell, I’m so ready for the holidays. I put up my adorable (yet huge) nutcracker, and miniature (how fitting, right?) glass Christmas tree up at work last Friday. Oh, and I have most of my Christmas presents purchased already, with the exception of a few family members. Did that just make you sick? Sorry. I shop all year round, and keep a list of what I want to buy, or what I have already purchased in an e-mail draft in my Gmail account. I. Know.

So all of these holiday collections are coming out, and Make Up For Ever is just another one with some fabulous products to buy for yourself, or get for a girlfriend. Of course, it’s limited edition and the great part about that is it’s usually cheaper to buy the kit than it is to buy everything individually.

Make Up For Ever Holiday 2012 All Eyes On You is sold at Sephora for $65 CAD / $59 USD.

The All Eyes On You kit includes a lot of the top selling products by Make Up For Ever, including my very favorite mascara of all time. All. Time. you guys. Smokey lash. I think I picked up three extra’s at the last Sephora VIB 20% off days. THREE. As in back ups. I’m good for a year now. Have you not tried it yet? It’ll make your eye lashes about 4 inches long and people will ask if you’re wearing falsies.

This set contains:

  • HD High Definition Powder ($18 CDN)
  • Aqua Cream in 16 Pink Beige $26
  • Aqua Eyes Waterproof eyeliner pencil in Mat Black 0L $20
  • Aqua Eyes Waterproof eyeliner pencil in Dark Grey 21L   $20
  • Smoky Lash Extra Black Mascara $25

An $109 value for $65. Guys, save yourself the forty bucks and go buy it!

Anyway, I’m not a regular user of eye liner pencils, because I’m lazy in the mornings and I don’t see anyone at work but a few co-workers. So when I do get fancy I break out my $6 covergirl twist up liner. The Make Up For Ever one was a comfortable application and I didn’t have to go over my eye endless times, and there was no dragging on the delicate eye area. The pencil itself was very soft and I chose to wore the soft charcoal color on this look below.

Before and After. Love the soft pink on my eyelids! Plus, the grey liner is a nice touch on the lash line as it’s not too harsh, and very easy to work with as it glides on.

Closeup and after pic.

I also filmed a YouTube video yesterday on the re-creating the easy eye look.

Such an easy look to re-create. Just three steps. Apply the aqua cream onto your lids, then add the pencil close to your eyelash line, and add mascara! This is my second aqua cream and it almost feels more silkier to apply. Perhaps my other one is a little dried out now that it’s almost six months old.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the holiday kit free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

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