Under Armour Gotta Have It Bra

Yep you got that right folks. I’m back with another sports bra review from Under Armour. This time I won’t be showing you all, not-so-revealing photos of myself sportin’ the sports bra.

Here she be, freshly washed.

Under Armour — Women’s Gotta Have It Sports Bra. ($29.99 CDN)

I didn’t take photos of it when it was brand new with the tags on it, because I completely forgot. They are long gone now, but if you want more information about it, it’s all available online.

Women’s Gotta Have It Sports Bra by Under Armour

This bra isn’t as high impact as some of the other bras that I currently own. But I knew that from the very beginning. As mentioned in my previous review, I wore this bra to CrossFit many times as well and get this — without a hitch! I’m loving this hot pink bra much more than other one I was sent from Under Armour.  I had issues with that one riding up on the base of my neck. Where as this one wasn’t as high cut. I gladly pointed out the flaws and issues I had with the other bra, even if the review wasn’t the most positive. I hope that I could help out in some way if they ever do a re-design of it. Right?

Anyway back to my lovely pink bra.It has the perfect height, to go along with the perfect colored bra.

Here is the inside of the bra. No extra padding and since I’m small chested I don’t need an extreme amount of support, so this type of sports bra works fine for me.

As for any color bleeding off of the super hot pink fabric itself? I don’t own any light colored tank tops with the exception of this Lululemon one, but didn’t notice any of the dye bleeding at all. Which of course, is great.

Have you tried anything from Under Armour before? What are your thoughts, if you have?

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I almost forgot about Fashion Friday til I was reminded on Twitter (Thanks Jess)!

I also wanted to thank you all for commenting on my Lululemon vs Costco is Lululemon worth the price, blog post the other day. My website statistics were high up there on that day. Everyone wanted to chime in and I loved it!

What else I’m loving?  Surprise comments from good friends back home in Newfoundland. I never know if people actually read my blog since I never get a ton of comments, but I love it when randomly my friends from back home pop in and say hello or comment. It makes my day so much better. I know that sounds cheesy, but I had a rough go of it this week and those people brought a smile to my face.

Happy Friday! Happy PayDay to me!! Time for my OOTWW:

I bought two pairs of super cute flats at Payless during lunch hour yesterday. I’m wearing them today. You can barely see them but I’ll post a photo of them both soon.

Don’t forget, you can win some BROWNIES! USA only though. Sorry. I know. I wish I could have some too.

P.S. I just blew a spider off the wall. Should I have squished it instead? Is it mad, and going to come back and bite me? I’m kind of scared.

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Is Lululemon worth the price?

Are we paying through the nose for a brand name, or are we paying for quality?

Here I am wearing a $99.00 Lululemon on the left, and a $14.99 Costco item on the right. Which one is better? That raises a great question. When lululemon first came out it was designed, and manufactured in Vancouver, BC Canada.

When I was home for the Christmas holidays I went to Costco with my Mom to pick up a few things. I noticed the inexpensive active wear and picked up a white zip up jacket. At first glance I looked down at my clothing and thought they fit the same on my body. That was until I took a photograph of the two on the same day, and saw that there was noticeable difference in the two. For comparison sake, I am wearing a size 4 Lululemon Run: Distance Pullover (no longer online but here is something similar), and the Costco zipup is a size small.

I’m not sure why I tend to favor white warmup tops, because I can’t seem to get over the fact that my deodorant stains the armpits a faint yellow in such a short time. Both the Lululemon pullover, and the zipup from Costco are equally as “stained” however the Lululemon one was purchased in January 2011 and the Costco in December 2011. I try not to wear my Lululemon one as often because it was so expensive. So I tend to wear the zipup one more to CrossFit. Plus, it’s easier to get off quicker as it’s a full zip and not a half.

You can notice that both tops have the thumb hole’s. But in the arm area of the Costco version, it’s larger. I feel like the Costco one fits great in the body, but could do with a smaller arm size. The Lululemon one is tight all over and as for the thumb loops, they fit great. Except when you want to fold the flap over to have it cover your hands fully. I feel like my fingers would feel more comfortable if they’re straight out, but the Lululemon hand covers make them curled. Does that make sense?

I haven’t purchased anything from the Lululemon website in ages. Mainly for the fact that 3 pairs of my 4 crops that I own by them have had stitching come undone after the first few wears! C’mon, how does that happen? Lululemon’s customer service is pretty top notch though. I sent in photos and they examined them and said it was a quality control issue. Darn right it was. My legs aren’t that muscular, to break threads like that.

Lululemon is still designed in Canada, but now manufactured in China.  This happened a number of years ago, therefor I felt that the quality of the items at Lululemon are no longer what they used to be. There seems to be more pilling issues happening on the groove pants, and of course the noted threads coming undone on the empower crops, and zoom crops that I own. Perhaps I’m coming cheaper in my old age (lol) but I expect a lot more from a pair of $100 pants, or top. Which is why I wanted to compare the two: Lululemon vs Costco.

The fabric on the Lululemon top feels a bit more luxurious but if you felt both at separate times, you’d think they were made from the exact same material. The Costco version is a fraction of the cost, but the quality is way up there. I think that if Costco made their jackets a little more fitted like Lululemon, more people would buy from them. Sure I as heck am going to keep shopping there, especially if my parents have an ongoing membership at Costco. But that means I’ll also have to wait til I fly back to Newfoundland to shop there.

I don’t have any complaints about the Costco jacket whatsoever. Just little nit picky things about the fit. As for Lululemon, sure they have amazing designs, keep bringing out great products, and the jacket I’m wearing above looks better as there are different seams and colors incorporated into the design. But overall, I’m not sure if it’s worth the hundred bucks anymore. Will I keep shopping there? Well, yes quite frankly I will — because they always have good sales on their online store plus free shipping. They just need to address the quality control issues on the pants. Until then I won’t buy any more crops from them.

Do you have any expensive workout clothes, or do you stick to non-name brand such as Costco?

I’m off to mail my parents an Easter surprise package in this massive corrugated box. I hope shipping costs isn’t through the roof! (I’m covering their address with my hand in case you’re wondering what the random high five’ing of the box was for).

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