1 Chevrolet Sponsor, 11 cups of Tim Horton’s tea and 9 white wines later…

BlissDom recap: One Chevrolet Sponsor, 11 cups of Tim Horton’s tea, and 9 white wines later…I’m back from my weekend at BlissDom Canada blogging conference. I’m not even exhausted. Especially surprising since my liquid intake this weekend literally consisted of just white wine and an assortment of Tim Hortons, and Tetley tea drinking this weekend. I’m currently hydrating with the cute Philosophy water bobbles as I write a recap here. I also took an extra goody bag from Philosophy to give to you guys in a later blog post. ;)

philosophy water bobble

Towards the middle of September I decided I wanted to go to the third annual BlissDom Canada conference and I made it happen. This weekend is will truly be hard to recap into a few blog posts just how great the weekend was. If you’ve been following my twitter for the past weekend, you’ve probably been bombarded by me tweeting pictures of everything with the #BlissDomCA hashtag. I’m not even going to apologize at how annoying that may have been for some of my followers because I LOVED BLISSDOM.

And can I be honest for a minute? I really didn’t think it was going to be THAT awesome. Sure I thought I’d meet a handful of people, and talk to my favourite companies that were sponsors there. But my expectations were completely blown out of the water. My eyes even watered up at some most of the sessions, and I wasn’t really expecting that. I’m not a crier/super emotional person. Unless you can classify super excited doing a pee-dance all the time, emotional. Whatevs I may have had a few fan girl moments (meeting Lena, Kim & Sarah from Philosophy & Coty, Jared from McDonalds, and Kaitlin from Chevrolet) on more than one occasion this weekend. Not embarrassing at all.

When I walked into the Delta Meadowvale hotel, I didn’t have a sickly feeling. I didn’t want to walk right out of the hotel feeling overwhelmed.lobby-at-delta-meadowvale

I just felt like I needed to be there and I was. I was completely myself, I wasn’t shy (which is strange), and I walked up to people who were standing by themselves so they wouldn’t feel out of place or lonely in this huge unknown place.

Once I spotted Kaitlin, I did a happy dance and gave her a huge hug. She’s from Chevrolet Canada who sponsored me to attend and hooked me up with this sweet hotel room for three nights. kaitlin-from-chevy-canadaOh, and provided me everyone with candy. candy-at-chevrolet-canada

It was very swanky, and fancy hotel room I had. I felt like a million bucks when I walked in.Delta-Meadowvale

Making myself at home.Delta-Meadowvale-Hotel-room

The bathroom mirrors must’ve been one of my favorite spots about the room. K, wait. That sounded far more vain than I intended it to. But look at the ring of light around the mirror itself. It gave off a perfect glow to the bathroom and I gotta say, made me look preeee-tee flattering. I took a few selfies in that mirror the past weekend ;) bathrooms-at-Delta-Meadowva

The first night was the newcomers welcoming party which was sponsored by 19 Crimes wine. Love the marketing. Ha ha.19crimes-mugshot

Free wine? Don’t mind if I do.

The place was beautifully decorated. I LOVE white everything (computers, accessories… COUCHES..) and it felt so incredibly fancy. It’s the only word that comes to mind, so I apologize. Everything was fancy to me, haha. Shannon and Jennifer gave an introductory speech and welcomed us all to the event. shannon-and-jennifer

The first person I met at BlissDom was Paula from Product Junkie. Funny that we were neighbours at the hotel the entire weekend and didn’t realize it until the very last night. product-junkie-and-i

From all the free white wine I was drinking, I obviously had to use the bathrooms at some point throughout the night. What I didn’t know was that Cottonelle was one of the main sponsors, and sure enough they pulled through and decorated the bathrooms appropriately so. #LetsTalkBums folks.cottonelle-sponsored-bathro

I ended up going to bed fairly early throughout the entire weekend. Never a night past midnight. Does that mean I’m getting old? I’d like to just think it’s because I was stoked to use all the Philosophy products provided in the hotel. Betcha can’t guess which is mine, and what the hotel provided. Do it. Dare you.philosophy-at-delta-meadowv

Makeup already out the first night. Had to photograph it, the shelves and the products alone were just photo-worthy.philosophy-products-in-the-

I’m going to get really cheesy here for a moment. But I really couldn’t have done it without you guys supporting my blog. Commenting on all of my posts, and growing with me — it gave me the confidence to actually go to a blogging conference. ALL BY MYSELF. I knew no one! And I’ll do it all over again in a heart beat.

Look at the blogging business cards I picked up from 3 days. I counted them. There’s 51 of them. That’s not just passing them out to anyone/everyone because who just passes a card to someone and walks away? I managed to talk to each and every one of these bloggers and sponsors. I don’t even know what overcame me. But I was feelin’ chatty and met a shiz-ton of new friends who I have grown to cherish over the weekend. What a time, BlissDom Canada. What a time.
business cardsCome back tomorrow for a recap of the second day!

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A gift set, from me to you!

If I really enjoy something, I rave about it. So much so that I influence other people to buy their products.

For instance, it’s no secret that I enjoy Fossil leathers & watches, Make Up For Ever mascaras and even the philosophy skin care line. My co-worker showed me her new purse and iPad cover that she bought from Fossil yesterday. YESTERDAY. I took photos of it, so it’ll be up on my site soon. When I went out to dinner with my blog/twitter girls, one of them mentioned she bought a Fossil watch due to the fact that I raved about them so much.

Well, I’m sure you already know that I have been loving the Philosophy Purity product —it’s the only facial cleanser that I will allow on my face. I bought a 700ml bottle of it and I just used up the last drop of it last weekend. Thankfully, I have backups in sample forms and I am currently using that.

travel-makeup-bagSilly me – I don’t know why it’s not even in my make up bag. It shoud’ve been in this photo.

Plus? Philosophy will be at BlissDom Canada this year and I get to say hi to the folks I’ve been talking with via e-mail for the past… oh, forever. They get to meet the Philosophy addict (ahem, me) right in the flesh. Lucky them!

Enough talk about how much I love them. Hopefully you will start to enjoy them as much as I do because they have a great deal going on right now at Hudson’s Bay.


Now until September 24, with the purchase of $65 worth of philosophy product, you will receive:

  • exclusive black tote featuring a polka dot ipad case
  • full size lip shine
  • purity deluxe cleanser
  • hope in a jar deluxe moisturizer

I have better news.

Whooo buddy, you guys are gettin’ spoiled! I’m giving away everything you see in the photo above with the deluxe samples included.

Pretty good right? Please note this giveaway will end on September 24 at midnight EST and is only open to Canadians. Please use the rafflecopter form below to enter :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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