Foods I keep with me, at all times


It pays to plan ahead, plus is saves me dolla bills. Bonus is that they require zero preparation. Here are the foods I bring with me whether I’m traveling or avoid going hungry.

veggiesVegetables and Fruit:
Fiber rich fruit such as carrots, and bell peppers are the easiest to carry around. Apples, unsweetened dried mango and berries are also great options. Contrary to what the photo may say, I do not carry around a fully cooked sweet potatoe in my purse ;)

nutsTrail mix:
I stock up on a trail mix that I create, from the Bulk Barn. It’s healthy fat and fills you up. Keep in mind you should only grab a handful and that will be enough. I always add in some mini m&ms. It’s one of my favorite snacks to bring to work. Such an easy thing to pack. Note I do get the raw unsalted nuts.

5-kind-barsEnergy Bars:
I don’t eat these bars as a meal replacement, but as a snack. Some of the protein bars are a little better than a chocolate bar but a lot of them are loaded with sugar, so watch the labels. Make sure that there is a good mix of carbs, protien (at least 8g) and some healthy fat (avoid trans fat!) and of course sugar, make sure it’s lower than 7g. Some of my favorite snack bars to grab are Kind bars, Luna bars, and Clif bars.

I blogged about Kind bars in my Healthy Snacking Tips post and a rep from Kind Bar asked me if I’d like to try out some of their new flavors that just launched. Heck yea I ain’t sayin’ no to that. As you can tell from the above photo I already enjoy their bars so there definitely wasn’t any hesitation e-mailing Erin back!

Some of the Kind bars have more sugar in them, but the new ones just launched have only 5g of sugar. Take a wild guess and tell me what you think was my favorite flavor of the two?


No questions asked. Most definitely the dark chocolate chili almond. It wasn’t one of those bars where you take a bite, put it down and continue on with what you’re doing around the house, or on the computer. After every bite I couldn’t wait to bite into another piece. So much for slow eating! How does the chili interact with my taste buds? I thought it would burn the buds right off my tongue since I’m a huge wuss when it comes to anything spicy. The Kind bar just added warmth if anything. Thankfully it did not burn my mouth and was both sweet and salty which is clearly a winning combination. kind-bars

I left the maple glazed pecan & sea salt taste test up to my boyfriend to tell me what he thought of it before I opened up mine. Mainly because I’m not the biggest fan of maple even though I really do like maple syrup and maple walnut icecream. His reaction? “At first it tasted like… uhh. Then I was all…mmm!” And there you have it folks, Scott’s first review on my blog. What an informative guy.

Luckily a few days later I ended up bringing the maple one to work with me. Opened ‘er up and had a try. It has a lot more texture and crunch going on and wasn’t overpoweringly tasting like maple. It was more of a typical granola bar flavor than the dark chocolate chili almond. So it’s safe to say I thoroughly enjoyed that one as well.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post because I have some Make Up For Ever brushes that I want you to see!

Do you carry food in your purse/bag with you? What do you bring?

Have you ever had an energy bar?

What one flavor of the new KIND bars do you think you’d like: maple or the dark chocolate one?

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A healthy take on my snacks

Many people have nick-named me Candy Girl. So it’s no surprise to anyone, that I have a big ol’ sweet tooth.

I’m surprised I don’t have more cavities than I do. Surprisingly enough, since I just went to the dentist yesterday to get a check up. Everything’s good to go. Until next checkup! Yay free toothbrushes :)

In fact, here is my current candy stash. A wedding the Boyf & I went to while we were home, had a candy bar! Fill up your own Chinese-takeout box. You betchur bottom dollar I filled that baby right to the brim!

Steering away from the unhealthy snacks for a bit, it’s good to branch out and not always have bad sugars while sitting at a desk job 9-5. Three Works sent over some dried apple snacks for me to try out.

I didn’t hesitate at all. Mainly because one of my favorite fruits are apples. Honey Crisps to be exact. Plus, Three Works is a Canadian company, and I love supporting the locals!

I ended up getting an assortment of four different flavors. Plus, the small tins? The whole entire tin contains just 100 calories! Madness. I’d gobble that thing right up.

When I first opened the package, it was sealed up with one of those paper lids underneath but also in its own little baggie too! This company is taking extra care in their packaging, making sure the apple chips don’t get stale, I’m telling ya that right now.


First thoughts? It was quite light, and very crunchy.  As someone who used to enjoy crunching on ice cubes (I gave that up, ha ha) it was enjoyable.

These would be great sitting at my office at work, or of course incorporated into school lunches or what have you. I have the caramel one’s opened at work, and I’m definitely not sharing. The taste of caramel isn’t overpowering at all. Just the right amount, I’d say.

Quick tidbits on Apple Chips:

  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free (no idea what that means)
  • Non-fried
  • Fat Free
  • Healthier than potato chips
  • They’re Canadian!

Three Works Apple Chips are sold in major retailers across Canada including Safeway, Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart and Longos.

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