New hairdo

I got my hair cut and colored on yesterday evening after work. I honestly haven’t let anyone dye my hair after my mad experience back in February 2011. In fact my hair stylist and I broke up. Since then I’ve been going to this great master stylist who has been trimming my hair since, so I could grow it out to my ideal length.

The bad thing is, he charges  $70+ to do my hair, and all I’ve been getting out of it was a “dusting” cut. Literally cutting off the minimum to clean up my ends every 14 weeks. Dude I can’t afford that, nor do I wish to pay it if I was rich.  Last time I got it cut by master-stylist-dude was back in July when I showed you some before/after photos in that blog post.

My coworker L, always has great hair color even though her hair is a completely different color than mine (her’s is blonde). Speaking of which, I went blonde for about a day a few years ago. Big mistake.

L recommended her hair stylist who is very inexpensive but does great hair. I’ve seen the results, so I was confident going into my appointment. A few nights building up to me getting my hair done, I had a nightmare about this new stylist! Isn’t that insane? I dreamed that she cut my hair all off, and left one of those 80’s rats-tail by the side of my hair… and it was bright red. What a weird dream. Guess I honestly was really worried, haha!

I know people have said that hair grows back, you shouldn’t get attached. Blah de blah blah. But seriously? It’s my hair, I am attached and I get disappointed very easily.

I decided, in order to avoid disappointment, I was going to get very specific with this new hair girl. I arrived, and took off my rain coat, and brought in the printed out looks I’ve loved, and looked I’ve hated too, just so she would get a little hint of that I’m interested in. I mean, no ones a mind reader, right? I wanted my hair to have a slight change, nothing crazy since I hadn’t dyed my hair in 1.5 years so I forgot what it’d be like with a bit of color on me. This is the outcome:

Before and After photos. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how bad your hair really did look, until the after pics. I didn’t wash it the morning of, and just straightened it. Looks so dishevelled.

From the photos, and I suppose in “real life” you can’t exactly tell a huge difference. But the ends are now the same color as everywhere else, and I’m happy.

I’d definitely go back to her. Even if she does have her hair salon in a sketch basement.

How often do you get hair cut?

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I’m doing something right!

I used to get my hair cut every 8-10 weeks, as I thought that’s what you were supposed to do, when you’re growing your hair out. Late September was my last scheduled hair appointment, and the day before I ended up canceling and re-scheduling because I thought my hair looked rather good and didn’t need the scissors put to it. I hadn’t straightened it since August, I didn’t have any split ends, so I said frig it and I ended up booking for the next appointment within two weeks. Except, I didn’t realize my hair stylist was so popular and couldn’t get in until October 22. No big deal. So 12 weeks passed since I received my last hair cut and when I went in, I told the stylist my hair grew a tremendous amount. I mean check it out.

Here’s a photo of me a few days after I got it cut, and then here’s a photo 12 weeks later. Look at the growth! I should’ve washed my hair in the yellow-cardigan photo, but I was getting it washed and styled that very same day at the salon. So I didn’t. But you can totally tell that its grew an inch or more in 12 weeks, right?

When I went in to get my hair trimmed, my hair stylist told me to keep doing what I’m doing. I told him I’ve been using hair serums while my hair is damp, and after I blow dried it. I also use my boar bristle brush to blow dry it straight instead of using the hair straightener. That’s all I’ve been doing! I even break a lot of “rules” and shampoo, condition and blow dry every day. I can’t stand not washing my hair. I’ve tried it a handful of times to train my hair to not separate in the back when I sleep. Because when I wake up I look like I’m balding. Nothing fixes it. My issue isn’t grease, it’s separation! Try and fix that, dry shampoos. Nuh uh, not happening.

Frontal: Hair before // Hair after

Backside: Hair before // Hair after

He put velcro rollers on my crown to give it volume. I say it was a waste of time, since my hair kinda looks fuller in the before photo. He also straightened my ends, which was nice for a change, to have it all sleek looking.

Alright, so the before and after photos of my hair cut aren’t that drastic, but I like making a blog post about hair cuts, because — getting a hair cut can be traumatic to me. I’ve had many many issues with bad hair cuts, dyes and whatever else comes with it. So far so good with this stylist. I’ve been to him 3 times now. No screw ups yet! He’s just incredibly expensive.

I also wanted to tell you that all of my layers are gone. My hair is fine, but I have a lot of it. I want it to look as thick as possible at the ends, rather than have them all straggly looking. Until my hair is longer, I won’t have layers. But when it grows to about my mid-upper arm, I’ll think of putting back long hardly noticeable layers lol..

Yay for good hair cuts!

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