Win 1 of 3 Glymm Boxes

Have you ever wanted to try out a deluxe sampler such as Glymm box? Well ladies and gent’s, today’s the day! I posted a YouTube video on my channel not too long ago for a chance to win 1 of 3 November Glymm Boxes. All you have to do is watch this video to find out the rules. I’ve also written them down underneath the video. So enter away, and good luck.

Contest is open to Canadians only! You must be a subscriber of my YouTube channel.

Only do one of the following categories + the BONUS entry below.

Category #1: For THREE entries. Photo of yourself applying your favorite makeup product (get creative ;) )
Category #2: For TWO entries. Photo of yourself HOLDING your favoring makeup product (Your face does not have to be in it, if you’re camera shy)
Category #3: For ONE entry. Google your favorite makeup product.

E-mail all submissions to me at by November 4 2011 at 10pm EST.

BONUS entry: Sign up for Glymm using this link. Winners are required to sign up, anyway!

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The deluxe referrals

Everyone’s jumping on the referral bandwagon it seems.

A Loose Button Luxe Box was the very first monthly subscription filled with girly deluxe samples of makeup, perfume, and chocolate. I’ve done a monthly review on YouTube since I first subscribed to them back in April. It used to be that you’d get a Luxe Box for $10 a month. However, recently they’ve jacked up their price to $12 a month now. I wasn’t too impressed with the change, but they did send a few nicer things last month, including a full sized hand cream. I gave most of my Luxe Box away to my co-worker (hey Julie!), because I didn’t like the scent of the coconut hand cream, and the earrings since they weren’t my style. Watch my unveiling of August’s Luxe Box here:

The bandwagon seems to be that when you refer friends, you get freebies. For the Loose Button Luxe Box, if you refer three friends you’ll receive a month free.

Honest opinions though? I still vote for Glymm Box as it’s $10 a month, and when you refer your friends you earn points. Points to put towards getting items for free at their shop!

As of right now, both the monthly subscriptions, Glymm and Loose Button are only available to Canadians. American’s – if you’re reading this you can subscribe to your very own called Birch Box. I’m not sure how expensive it is, but I do know that the samples are way smaller. Yay lucky Canadians getting deluxe samples!

I’m not sure if I want to keep signing up for both deluxe monthly box samplers — as my Loose Button expires on September 30 — and my Glymm expires after I get my October box. Though, it is kind of fun receiving little treats in the mail like that. But then again I’m paying $22.00 for those treats.

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Missed the video?

Did you miss my unveiling of the August Glymm Girl on my youtube channel? Fret not! I’ll link it here below so you can watch… or just see the pretty photos that I took of it afterwards.

(Please note, the giveaway has ended.)


  • A perfume roller ball of Calvin Klein Euphoria
  • B Kamins vegetable cleanser (I actually spotted this at Sephora!)
  • Smashbox Lip gloss
  • Supergoop Sunscreen one-time-use wipe
  • Jar of JELLY BELLY CANDY!!!!!!!

Products vary by size, and you get 3-5 deluxe samples per month. It’s only available to Canadians at the moment, but you can sign up here for $10/month. Each time you refer someone you get points, and you can use those points to put towards “purchasing” (with points) full sized products! Heck yes!

Glymm typically gets mailed out on the 10th of each month and is often on my door step the very next day since they’re based out of Quebec, which isn’t too far from me.

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