Rose Garden, San Jose

Rose-Garden-headerRoses hold a little special place in my heart. When my Husband and I planned our wedding in 6 days, I had nothing picked out. It was especially fun trying to find a dress after we decided to finally go ahead with a wedding, let alone finding shoes to go with, and of course me not bringing ANY makeup home when I flew back to Newfoundland. Silly me for thinking I needed that break for my skin to breath. Who knew I’d be getting married?

The Guy and I aren’t formal people whatsoever, and planned on getting married in our regular clothes. That was until both our parents piped up saying we should dress up. Okay. Fine.

My Mom asked me what sort of flowers I’d want in my bouquet. “Daisies?” she asked. “Eh, I don’t know. Those smell funny.” I said.

I was never the type of person to have her wedding planned out or thought of at, as a child. I guess you could say I was pretty laid-back about the whole getting married thing. (Ahem. Except for the times I whip out our two small wedding photo albums and reminisce about our memorable, super fun day. The Guy isn’t into looking back at the photos as much as I am ;)

Peach-rosesMy Mom thought some more, “Roses?” she stated. I thought about it and said sure! Our wonderful neighbours helped out with the wedding so much, and picked up a couple of bouquets of red and ivory roses at Costco, and they put together a small bouquet for me to carry as I walked down my parents hallway into our living room.

Yellow-roses-off-to-sideLike I said, roses hold a very special place in my heart now that I am married and have these wonderful memories of them. I had no idea there was a thing such as the Rose Garden in San Jose, so when I went there yesterday, I knew we had to spend more than a few minutes browsing around the grounds.

Roses-at-Rose-GardenBasically I stopped to smell the roses ;)

Enjoy the photos. I’m off to San Francisco for the day to spend a few hours with my Canadian blog buddy, Megan. I’m spending as much time with her as possible before she moves back to Canada next month, so sad!





Rose-Garden-fountain2This rose garden is surrounded by tons of redwood trees, and the aroma of roses just fills the air when walking through. It’s the epitome of relaxation here. Young and old alike were wandering through the gardens, some relaxing on the grass, and many taking it all in, next to the fountain. I have to be honest, California has acclimatized me and I was a little chilly walking around in just my t-shirt and jeans. Canadian friends, I won’t tell you the temperature for fear of being scolded ;)









FountainThe colour of this fountain is unreal, not even photoshopped and look how bright the aqua colour is. 




San Jose Municipal Rose Garden
1649 Naglee Avenue
San Jose, CA 95126

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POM Friday . 20

Alfie-in-front-of-Ros-Egp-MAs much as I try to bring Alfie new places all the time, I don’t think he will ever grow out of the nervous-pooping. He is fantastic in the car and chills out, sometimes looks out the window — occasionally barks at the cars next to us. If we’re going to his favourite dog food place to get him a new bone, he’s cool. If we’re going on adventure the first thing he needs to do is mark his spot about 17 times, then comes the nervousness. I clean that up because I am prepared unlike the last time. And he does circles around me, freaking out and he just wants to be up in my arms. Well ya ain’t gettin’ your way 100% of the time Mr. Schnogg. I want some pretty blog photos with you in them, Alfie!

Alfie-barking(He’s already barking and we had only just arrived. Pipe down young Alfie, sheesh!)

Alfie-smiling-on-trailSo we headed out to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum mid-morning yesterday and spent some time on the outside grounds since they’ve been known for pretty scenery. There was a hoard of young teens arriving at the same time as we did, they were with their school. I tried not to get any photos with them in there, to make for better pictures — ha let’s be real.

Alfie-near-flowersBut get this. One of the teeny-boppers ran over to Alfie squealing You have such a cute cat! Oh dear, I think that kid needs to stay in school a little longer.

Onto the pictures.





Ros-Egypt-GardensCheck out alfie in the picture above. He kinda blends in, find him!




Alfie-sitting-and-waitingAlfie is an excellent dog behavioural wise when no one is around (isn’t that always the way). He will sit-stay for as long as I tell him to. Little guy looks so tiny in the Peace Garden!

Alfie-happy-runThis is after I said the release command and he’s full force happy-running to me. Nothing makes me smile bigger than seeing this little fella run into my arms.

Alfie-sittingThe grounds were really beautiful, and so much larger than I expected — so we stayed for a good 45 minutes.




Alfie-king-of-castleThe most fun picture, saved for last. I think he felt like a king of the castle up there. Ha!

Happy Friday folks, see ya next week.

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San Jose Staycation

I’m back in the game, folks!

The past number of weeks have been fairly busy over in my neck of the woods. With playing tourist in my own city for a little bit, then having one of my closest friends come for a visit, things have been jam-packed full of fun and I can’t wait to blog about everything. I took SO many pictures of touring around San Jose, then heading off to Yosemite, which was a feat all in itself to even get there. My GPS was definitely on something.

I’ve been feeling a little homesick for Newfoundland, and while I am still looking at flights for going back in April-May month, I thought I’d finally start making roots down here in San Jose. It still feels funny for me to call San Jose my city. But we’ve been living here for over a year and I wanted to take my husband on a city wide exploration, because the poor fella works long hours and doesn’t get to explore where he lives, like I do on a daily basis.

So we got to know our little neck of the woods and became tourists in our own city. A full itinerary was booked to check out museums, restaurants, theaters and even staying at a hotel for the night. You’d be amazed at how much new stuff you find out about your city, just exploring new-to-you places.

Now today I’m going to give you a bit of a sneak into what will be showing up on the blog within the next few weeks!

Tech-MuseumThis was at the Tech Museum of Innovation, so colourful and really fun to play around for a couple of hours. It’s now a given fact that I am always a cold person. Check out the thermal exhibit. Red = cold, white = hot. Tons of my body shows so much red, my husband who is always super warm was mostly white. I’ll show you more around this place in a little while :)

California-TheatreI had no idea this place existed. Cinequest is a yearly film festival that comes to San Jose. Check out the incredibly intricate detailing and gorgeous architecture in this building! So lucky to have had the chance to sit here and watch a few films. I know my Dad (a retired Architect) would love to see this spot in person.

Winchester-Mystery-HouseWe’ve driven past the Winchester Mystery House quite a bit since moving to the United States, and finally had the chance to go inside and do a tour. Definitely a must-do when you visit the area. Way too many tiny rooms, so creepy, super weird, but awesome.

FairmontKiller packaging hotel sample sized bathroom products at the Fairmont in San Jose. Sold. I’d totally buy it, especially to give to my guests when they visit our house.

Tourists-in-San-JoseDelicious food in downtown San Jose, enjoying the fun European-feel walkways, and I can never go without photographing a set of awesome looking PALM TREES.

Egyptian-MuseumThe Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum!!

Downtown-San-JoseSo many restaurants available in downtown San Jose. Almost equivalent to the amount of bars per street in my home city of St. John’s Newfoundland. In that middle picture check out the lobby of one of the towers at Fairmont San Jose (fancy smanchy looking right?!) and finally the last pic is my first time at a Japanese restaurant! Of course, I ordered chicken. Typical!

All that and more, coming to the blog soon!

When is the last time you had a staycation, let alone explored your own city?

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