New Mom Basket

New-Mom-BasketNicole (the person I refer to as my neighbour all the time here on the blog) and I have been walking our dogs together for close to a year. Alfie simply hates Penelope aka Nelly, (she’s half chihuahua and half weiner dog) and any time he sees Nelly he barks at her for a good 2 minutes straight, then completely avoids her when we walk together. Poor thing! All Nelly wants is another buddy!

We used to walk only in the evenings, but now that Nicole is on maternity leave with her first child we have been walking upwards to 3 and 4 times a day. Yes, Alfie still has terrible behaviour even if I simply mention Nelly or Nicole’s name. After almost a year of daily walking, you think my dog would get used to them. He can be a saucy bugger when he wants to especially if I give any attention to Nelly.

Since I’ve known Nicole for a while, we’ve grown close talking about all sorts of hilarious, girly things and telling each other stories about our day, on our daily walks. I wanted to do something extra special for her when her newborn arrived. With the obvious of bringing over home cooked meals to their home, I also wanted to put together a special basket just for her. Everyone spoils a baby when it first arrives, but I wanted to spoil Nicole a little bit. So I put together a small basket for her to enjoy! I reached out to a couple of companies (as I knew she loved bareMinerals mascara) and they also donated 4 items. For the most part, everything was purchased by me. I’m not a Mom yet, so I have no idea if this is the kinda stuff new Mom’s would like, but it’s a couple of necessities, and other fun things for her to enjoy.

The baby is now a week old, and I can finally blog about my secret I’ve been holding out from my neighbour. She wasn’t sure if she was going to delivery early, so I put this basket together for her in late March. I’ve been dyin’ to give it to her ever since. But I wanted to wait until I knew she really needed it— after the baby was home with her!

So here it is, the New Mom Basket:

Free-Hugs-New-MomSo much fun stuff! A couple of things for the baby too, can’t forget the little one! I picked up the basket from TJ Maxx not too long ago, perfect size for all I wanted to put in it. Most of the items I picked up from Target and luckily so much of it was on sale.

Baby-clothesThen a couple of things for the baby. The free hugs onesie and the newborn leggings were on sale. Rachel is the designer and creator behind Lucy & Leo  (the company named after her two little cousins) so she graciously sent over a little tub of Tender Tush for the baby in case he ever has a sore little butt and needs some extra TLC. Lucy & Leo is a company based out of New York who also sell the most adorable organic baby clothing, along with the Mommy and Baby skincare items.

Whats-in-the-New-Mom-BasketInside the basket:

Lucy & Leo Tender Tush, 2 pens from $1 section at Target, Altoids mints, Wet ones, Vitamin Water (lemonade flavour), mini Dove deodorant, eos lip balm, 2 packs of extra gum (for fresh breath!), 2 sticky notes from $1 section at Target, eos hand cream in cucumber, a box of tissues, a bottle of water, cucumber scented hand sanitizer, 2 clothing items for baby, Lash Domination by bareMinerals (Nicole’s favourite mascara!) along with a bareMinerals marvelous Moxie lip gloss, and bareMinerals Well-Rested face & eye brightener, a bottle of diet coke (one of her drinks of choice), and a bit of chocolate.

New-Mom-Basket-oddsnendsI thought a couple of these things would be handy to have in the main living area when she’s with her newborn. I know when my friend had her first baby last year she gave me this great idea to have a station set up where she would be for most of the day, which included a lot of baby stuff, but even pens, notebooks, hand cream in case she needed access to it. 

New-Mom-Basket-It had been sitting like this for a number of weeks. So I had some time to add a couple of more goodies to her basket once she delivered. Added: Lindt white chocolate balls, a fun light magazine to read, a tide-to-go pen, and a little arrow necklace.

New-Mommy-BasketI can imagine no one wants to cook after having a newborn. So I decided to spoil them a little bit with some the chicken stir fry I LOVE, blueberry muffins, fresh flowers from Trader Joe’s put in a $1 store glass cylinder vase, and this gift basket I put together for my friend. It doesn’t have to be expensive, most of the basket game from Target and even then most was on sale as I already stated above. The cellophane + blue ribbon was just from the $1 store! Plus, home-made food — what’s better than a nice hearty meal? Since she’s my neighbour, she gets it fresh from the oven, and delivered right to her door. :)

Disclaimer: bareMinerals products and the Lucy & Leo product were sent for the basket. I did not purchase those items, but I did ask the company if I could have them for this basket!

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eos now makes shave cream!

Yeah, you heard that right. eos now makes shave cream! eos kindly sent these two bottles of shave cream my way, for reviewing. shave-cream-eos

The sun is shining, and it’s about dang time to show off those legs. Shave your legs with eos’ shave cream and slap on some self tanner and you’re ready for spring.

Dare I say this is better than the smooth sphere lip balms? To be honest, the smooth sphere lip balms by them aren’t my top pick. My co-worker Julie has five or more and adores them. Anytime I’m in her office she stops to apply a bit. She goes through them like buttah. To each their own. My preference is their hand cream, and now their shave cream.

eos always comes out with unique packaging. From their hand creams, and smooth sphere lip balms to this plastic velvety coating of a bottle with a decent pump for easy application.

The bottle is made out of plastic meaning it won’t leave those terribly annoying rust stains on the edge of your tub. Why can’t all companies jump on this plastic shave cream wagon?eos-shave-cream-pump

You see, if I run out shave gel, I usually resort to using a few pumps of conditioner on my legs. The eos shave cream is similar in consistency to conditioner where as it will not foam up on  your legs. Don’t let that deter you from trying it out though. These bottles of shave cream are packed with natural conditioning oils and shea butter for that added softness and moisture on your legs which will soften and soothe your skin for a full 24 hours. I can attest to that. eos-shave-cream-on-hand


eos-shave-creamShown above are the two of the three scents available to Canadians. I know there’s much more variety in the states. Pomegranate Raspberry which smells so good I kind of wanted to eat it. Dangeous. Then the white classic looking bottle is a sensitive – Fragrance Free (Hypoallergenic & Dermatologist Tested). These products are not tested on animals, and contain no animal by-products.

The eos shave creams are now available for $3.99 at:

•  Rexall
•  London Drug
•  Loblaw’s
•  Jean Coutu
•  Uniprix


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One of those days

I was having one of those days and minor things pissed me off for no reason. I guess I was irritable that day but this one e-mail I received from a company I was working with, rubbed me the wrong way.

I’m not badly talking about the company, but sometimes I need to blog about the other side of the things. Don’t you think? I want my readers to know that I speak the truth, rather than pretending everything is gravy. I felt like the public relations company I’m talking about, took a little dig at me. But in reality, they were just following protocol and speaking in general terms. Like I said, it was one of those days where I was irritable.

I’ve had some great experiences with this PR company, as I’ve already reviewed a few EOS lip balms and hand cream in the past, and was looking forward to working with them again. The primary contact person I was e-mailing at the beginning passed me onto their colleague who kept giving me the run-around. To make a semi-already-long-story, not so long the convo’s between us took about 3 months to get anywhere else.

In July it was mentioned that I could get more EOS products to review on my blog in the upcoming months. I only bug the companies that I really want to work with, so I didn’t want to let this one go.

As you would, I thought we’d be moving forward with more product and I’d supply content on my site here.

I followed up with the PR rep for EOS and asked if things were moving forward, and when. I’d like to be in the know-how of things, so I can stay organized and write down my to-do’s for blogging. Right?

They e-mailed back and said:

(Click to enlarge)

I got a little annoyed seeing that they only send product to approved beauty bloggers for trial and review. At first I thought, what the heck does approved beauty bloggers even mean? Who made up this title? But now that I take a step back, I know that PR companies can’t just send to everyone. They have their own specific bloggers that their company has approved. Makes sense. But in a way I couldn’t help but be annoyed at my time being wasted. From all those e-mails that went back and forth for a few months.Plus. I can’t review high res images…

 You guys already know I blog about Fossil things, and that’s for free. I have no problem doing that. I don’t want to sound like a greedy blogger, who only blogs for free stuff. I hope it makes a bit of sense at least. But I wanted to share my experience, to keep things real.

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