HanaHaus Blue Bottle, Palo Alto California

Hana-Haus-Palo-AltoI need to live closer to Palo Alto. I need to come here every day. I need to be made of money so I can afford a fancy Blue Bottle iced coffee every day. Shiiiii.

String-lights-at-HanaHausBasically, I bring all my visitor friends here to impress them.

Inside-hanahausIt’s such an inspiring, chilled out place to sit down have a bite to eat or grab some delicious coffee. Iced coffee for me, thanks. Pretty sure the only reason I liked iced coffee is because of all the SUGAR. Hot coffee = rotten to me.



HanaHaus-BluebottleIf you’re ever around the Bay Area, Hana Haus is definitely a spot I’d suggest you check out. Probably because of how fancy it looks. But the coffee is pretty great too.

HanaHaus-lunchI wouldn’t order lunch there. They’re not the best at that.

Go visit HanaHaus!
New Varsity Theatre
456 University Ave. Palo Alto, CA 94301
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Today I’m headed off to the Re:Make summit put off by Brit + Co in San Francisco. I’m excited! Come say hi if you’re there!

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Exploring Coffee Shops: Blue Bottle

Not all coffee shops are created equal, naturally so. I had a fine time hanging out with Megan at Blue Bottle at the Mint Plaza in San Francisco when she lived here. The Mint Plaza location is the only Blue Bottle cafe that serves a full food menu. These photos are from back in April but I still wanted to share the post. I’m pretty much obsessed with Blue Bottle Coffee now, so much so, I scoped out another Blue Bottle location closer to me in Palo Alto. The staff were incredibly sweet with us, and told us a couple of their favourite (and popular) drinks to order.

It was completely packed when we went in there and it’s a small coffee shop to begin with, but we had an awesome time chatting about makeup, and life in general. I miss my bud!

Onto the photos :)














Blue Bottle Coffee
Mint Plaza Cafe
66 Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94103

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