Sneak Peak into the bedroom

I’ve gotten a few requests in the past to do an apartment tour, or even bedroom tour. While I’m not comfortable showing everything, I thought I’d just show some snippits of the place, so you all can get an idea of how we like to decorate our place. So, to start things off — here’s a sneak peak into our bedroom!

Duvet cover: IKEA
Grey sheets: Home Outfitters
Yellow pillow: From a home boutique in St. John’s, Newfoundland which closed down. Fun fact: The store was owned by Chris’ ( from the show Steven & Chris) Mother!
Large grey “velvet” pillows: IKEA

Bed photos recycled from this blog post.

I’ve replaced the paper lamp shown above (from IKEA) with this silly priced lamp, also from IKEA. I love my Urban Barn fake orchid that looks real! lol

My Fossil watch collection. Minus the cheap rose gold one I bought on eBay for fifteen bucks ha! Yes, there’s an orange haired troll doll in with my watches, along with a pink haired one, hidden in there somewhere. I had a collection of trolls as a kid, and only kept two.

Here are all of my tops. Winter, and summer. I think it’s time to purge some of this. Left-Right: Sweaters, Tanks, Plain tees, Blouses.

My makeup case. You can buy one here.

Oh yeah you guys. A purse piggy bank. I totally have money in it too. My Mom gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago.

Most of my shoes, excluding winter boots, and a few flats. I don’t like this setup since it looks messy. But it does the trick, for now.

Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown Foundation, and Bobbi Brown eye cream in an Anthropologie bowl.

Loving my fake (designer?) rose gold buckle bracelet from eBay. I put all of my bracelets that I wear on a regular basis in this pineapple shaped tea light candle holder from Bath & Body Works.

A painting I did ten (!!!) years ago. My favorite one I’ve ever done. I blacked out my last name, for obvious reasons.

Well that’s it you guys. Hope you enjoyed a small portion of the bedroom!

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Watch out, the duvet will suck you in

There’s nothing better than getting into a freshly laundered bed.

Too bad you can’t see how comfy and cozy the white blanket at the base of the bed is. Even though we don’t sleep with the two velvety plush soo cozy grey pillows in the back, nor the yellow one in the front — I still like to have our bed made, warm, and inviting.

During the summer, we don’t have a duvet on the bed at all. Just a top sheet as it’s really hot in our apartment. Unfortunately the boyfriend doesn’t lke the noise of the air conditioner (which is in our bedroom) so we never sleep with it on.

This is our fall set-up for the bed. It’s my favorite time because it’s the nicest set up we have. The duvet is too small for the double sized bed, I had brought it with me when I moved to Ontario and I was sleeping in a single sized bed.

During the winter our duvet is a queen! lol I bought it extra huge just so we could all stay comfortable and not fight for the blankets in the night. Maybe I’ll take a photo of that once the weather turns nasty cold! :)

Large pillows | grey pillow cases | duvet cover | ofelia throw | yellow pillow was purchased about 7 years ago at a closing store sale (in fact, it was Chris’, from Steve & Chris, Mother’s store — which closed. ) Chris is also a Newfie, don’tcha know. I should’ve purchased two but I was cheap at the time.

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