I have to admit something to you guys.

I was really scared to start the 50 day push-up challenge, and start running with a coach all within the same few weeks.

So, I decided to blog about it, and tell as many people as possible so I would be held accountable, and that way would feel “guilty” if I skipped a days push-up, or a week at the run. Committing to myself which eventually provides a lot of positive feedback from my coach, and you guys as readers (on my Monday workout weekly re-caps).

Starting the push-up challenge was so easy, and I’m glad I told people, because as soon as I hit that day 30 mark — it was very difficult for me and I’ve found it hard to get the motivation to do it.

I did most of the push-ups in the morning before work so I could say that I’ve accomplished it already. I’ve seen positive results and while I didn’t enjoy doing them at the time, as soon as I was done I was proud of myself. It takes a lot of effort and strong will, but it’s worth it.

My push-ups used to be unbalanced and though I’m right-handed I’m stronger and more flexible in every sense on my left side. My shoulders were weak and I was getting annoyed at CrossFit not being able to do push-ups properly without doing sway-ing back and forth as I went up.

Exercising affects me positively, in a mental and psychological way. It helps me set specific goals (50 day push-up challenge! Running 1x/week) which I can achieve. I am aware of my abilities, and I accept my weaknesses and my self-esteem goes up with all of my hard work.

Sports distract you (me) from problems at work, school, friends amongst other things. It gives you time to think about yourself and no one else, since it keeps your mind active and busy.

Enough rambling. I feel lost on day 51 without doing push-ups. I’m debating whether or not to re-start the push-up challenge and start doing them from my toes. Each and every one I did during those past 50 days were on my knees. I didn’t feel it was worthy enough to do a video about it. But maybe while I’m home over the holidays I’ll re-do them and perhaps get someone to film me. We’ll see!

Anyway! I’ve got one more blog post to finish up and post before the night is over. Then the boyf wants to hop on my computer and look up some computer parts for the one he built me a few months ago!

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50 Day Push-up Challenge

Guess what? I have today off work!

Expect two posts from me today. I’m in that kinda mood. The next one will be about a Make Up For Ever Holiday 2012 kit, so stay tuned for that one later on.

Well this is funny. I didn’t go to CrossFit at all this week, so I didn’t call it my CrossFit journal re-cap. However I’m still keeping up with the 50 day push-up challenge.It’s starting to get difficult now.

I’m on day 12 and I don’t know how I’m remembering to do them, but I do remember — I am fully dressed and ready to head into work. I figured I’d better do them then and there, and not when I get home and most likely forget about it. I tell ya, if you’re ever kind of chilly in the mornings — do 10 push-ups. It’ll warm ya right up. Whoo wee.

My CrossFit coach is proud of me ;)

Wednesday is soccer nights, but this past Wednesday was exceptionally busy for me. I went to the climbing gym after work, to put in some volunteer hours to get a free month membership and right after that I drove across the city and somehow managed to get to soccer on time. I forgot how long it takes to get back into the swing of things. The last two games I’ve felt like I’ve played much better. More going after it, than waiting for things to fall to me. Know what I mean? I didn’t get home until 10pm that evening, without supper! It was a long, fun day though.

What are your fitness plans for this week?

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