My Fitness goals

Setting goals gives me a long term vision and short term motivation. Sounds like I know what I’m talking about, right? ha ha.

Seriously though. It focuses me in a way and helps me organize my time to make the most out of what I’m working towards. It needs to be challenging but achievable. I track my workouts whenever I do them and post my weekly workout schedule for the previous week on my blog each Monday morning.

Sometimes it’s tough. I always need to remember you’re only one workout from a good mood. I cannot stress that enough. I’ve had a few hard days, and just heading into work out and finishing it up makes me in such a better mood. Working out also keeps me much more alert and I really do have much more energy when I work out throughout the week, than on those weeks where I skip.

My favorite photo I’ve taken of the Boyfriend at one of his many races.

It doesn’t hurt that I have a boyfriend that works out (even more!) than I do – so I almost get a sense of regret if I don’t work out as often as I had planned. Seeing him strive, reach his goals through hard work really pushes me to be a better person in life. Stay motivated, and to stay on track.

I always like to keep up on my weekly fitness plan and say that I’ll go workout so many times per week, write down my workouts on my blog, so I can keep track of my workouts and what I’ve achieved that week.

I am not a professional athlete or anything, so I of course do it for the pure bliss I get from going to workout classes, or climbing.

It’s good to keep my goals realistic. For instance, instead of saying “I want to lose x-pounds by x-date” probably isn’t the best way to go about it. Instead, start thinking more along the lines of “I will run 3 times this week for x-minutes, and next week I’ll run 4 times for longer x-minutes.”

Goals that I have accomplished, which currently keeps me completely motivated is competing and doing well in climbing competitions.

This photo is a few years old since I haven’t been in a top-rop climbing competition and placing second in the Women’s division.  I have to say, I felt like I crushed it that day. I remember it so well. In fact, this photo of me was published on the front page of my local newspaper back home in Newfoundland. The first place woman who beat me, had her hand better secured on the exact same hold as me. We fell in the same spot on the 2nd route we had to climb, because we both made it to the top of this crimpy route. Man. Just typing it makes my fingertips  sweat!

One of my favorite photos of me bouldering (a different style of climbing) back in December.

Here’s a more recent photo of me, climbing a 5.10 (rating of the route) at the local climbing gym here in Ontario, that I go to.

However, I do have goals that I’m working towards getting better at my hand stand push ups, and to climb much more often than I’m doing now. I ended up taking the entire summer off. I think the last time I climbed was when I was with Stephanie. It seems way too long ago :( I’m actually thinking of recruiting some GTA bloggers to come out here and try indoor rock climbing. People like Morgan, Jess, Robyn, Angela, and Krysten! Wouldn’t that be fun!?

So, I’d love to know what some of your goals, or what goals you’ve already accomplished in your life time. Have you ever ran a marathon? Tell me about it in the comments, or share it on Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful contest for women.

Under Armour Women are encouraged to share their fitness journeys and receive free gear, and support from Under Armour along the way. Super exciting right? All ya gotta do it share some goals you’re working towards or already accomplished. So easy to enter!

The 10 women with the most awesome #WhatsBeautiful journeys will win a trip to Florida (omg I’ve never been) to the Under Armou Women’s Camp Sweat, where you will train with the BEST. AHH!!

I already know of a few people who should definitely enter. Leanne from Fresh Season, and definitely Jill from Bluegrass Belle. Whattta ya think ladies? You going to join in on the What’s Beautiful fun?

What’s Beautiful entrants are eligible to win prizes. Contest is open to residents of Canada and the USA, however you have to be older than 13 to enter.

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It’s time to climb!

Last week Stephanie, and I met up at the local climbing gym to have a fun night out!

Stephanie is always so fun to be around and constantly cracks me up. She’s so easy to talk to, too, and I learn so much when I’m around her. Mainly because I eat candy and she eats Gluten Free. But whatever it is we talk about, I’m always eager to listen and learn from her. I can’t wait til we hang out again buddy! :)

We got some random guy take our photo right before we did our first climb together. Lovely stylish harnesses on.

I’ve been climbing since the local gym back home in Newfoundland opened its doors back in 1994. I think it’s time I invest in my third harness though. But I really dislike the automatic double backing of the new harnesses. I’m old school. Or old.I’m also ready to fight anyone who comes across my path. Or route. Don’t be takin my route! Kidding. I was stretching. Or something.

By the time we were both warmed up, I decided to put my trust in Stephanie who has only belayed twice ever. She did a wonderful job and I felt totally confident in her belaying abilities! That’s saying a lot. I’m hard to trust people with my LIFE.

Stephanie also did a great job climbing some routes. She didn’t rent any climbing shoes and sported her Toms up the walls.

I don’t have many photos of her going up the routes. Stephanie provided me with all these photos that were taken with her iPhone.

Go Steph! Superstar!

Debating whether or not I actually wanted to attempt the 5.10. DON’T MAKE ME STEPHANIE!

Ok fine.Omg I’m on a sloper you guys. Unheard of.

Highstepping up to some crimpers. My fav.

Resting my forearms by hanging with my elbows straight out and switching my feet below. If you keep your body into the wall you’ll waste energy. Thus… the straight arms shown here. I’m not hang-dogging! lol

I chalk up a lot. Sweaty finger tips.

(click to enlarge)

Here’s the rest of the sequence of me climbing to the top. That last move in the far right photo, my forearms were so pumped I just gave up. Burnt right out.

The routes at the local gym are kinda wonky. I feel like they’re graded easier. Either that or the gym I’m used to back home grades really hard. I haven’t climbed in 3 months and I can pop on and get 3/4 the way up a 5.10. When I was climbing regularly back in the Fall I was practically on sighting (I know, sorry that’s climber’s talk) 5.11’s sometimes! That’s not possible after taking a 6 year break from climbing you guys. Whatever. I kinda like it.

I had the best time climbing with you Steph! Let’s go again soon :)

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