YouTube video! 5 minute makeup challenge + mini giveaway

It has been quite the hiatus that I took from making YouTube videos. But as of 2 weeks ago, I’m back at it. Not getting all into beauty videos anymore, but more of a follow me around California vlogging style videos. Which, shows a lot more of my personality there instead of still photos, duh. As it would.

So without further ado, please check out my channel and subscribe for more videos as I post them every Monday & Wednesday.

As you all know, Megan and I are really good friends, especially since she lived in California too. Unfortunately, she moved back to Toronto area and since we miss each other a lot, we decided to do a YouTube collaboration and see if we could do our whole face of makeup in under 5 minutes, and film it!

Do you think we did it? Check out the two videos below, and go to our channels to enter the mini giveaways :)


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