OOTWW + recap of the week

My outfits of the work week were taken inside for the most part this week. I was just too cold to be outside posing for photos in the morning. Frig that! Hope you don’t mind. Also, people have been asking me where certain articles of clothing I’m wearing, are from. Did you know you can enlarge the photos I post? On the bottom of each photo describes where each individual piece I’m wearing is from. So that’s kinda handy if you wanted to know!


Holy smokes. The week has just been full of fun madness for you on my blog, hasn’t it! If you haven’t caught up yet, I’ll do so here in this one blog post so you don’t have to keep scrolling and reading unless you really want to.

holiday-gift-guide-2013My Holiday Gift Guide is just exploding and I feel like Santa with all the giveaways that are going on right now, and it’s not even close to being done. I mean heck it isn’t even December yet. That’s okay, I’m just preppin’ you all for Christmas.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Bikini Genie


Sometimes you don’t know what to get your friend, and if you’re close you’ve probably already bought them a few things for them throughout the year. At least that’s what I do. Surprise my girl friends with treats and presents that I think they’ll like. I need to stop doing that, and save those presents to give them for Christmas.

Bikini-Genie-by-PhilipsI bet you hadn’t thought of getting them a battery operated (not what you’re thinking) Philips bikini genie. Am I right? 

I have absoluetly no issue wrapping up this little hair trimmer gadget to a girlfriend of mine and giving it to her for Christmas. But I mean, some people may feel weird giving that kind of present to a friend, maybe you’d like to keep it for yourself. I mean, you gotta keep things looking under control. Know what I mean.


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Make Up For Ever: Glitz and Glam with an extravagant set

If you’re anything like me around the holidays, you want to have some fresh new make up to try out and wear at fancy Christmas parties or gatherings with friends. Make Up For Ever has come out with a few holiday sets for the season. Today I’ll be telling you about “The Extravagant Glamour Kit” from them. make-up-for-ever-Extravagant-Glamour-Set

The Extravagant Glamour Kit includes:

• Aqua Eyes #0L Matte Black
• Smoky Extravagant in Black
• Rouge Artist Intense #43 Satin Vibrant Red
Cost: $44 CDN at Sephora ($72 Value)

I thought I would be terrified to wear a bold lip colour, but after doing a 24 day challenge swatching lipsticks from another brand, I have come to realize that the brighter, more fun shades actually are my favourite out of most of the colours. I don’t think you require confidence to pull off a bold lip colour. I think you plain and simply need to get over how “it doesn’t look good on me” and just rock them dang lips, girl. I honestly haven’t seen anyone who looked silly in a bold colour that suited them. The #43 Satin Vibrant Red is a gorgeous shade to wear and will be so completely long lasting.

Then again, if you really don’t want to wear a bright lip — then apply some gorgeous eyeliner in matte black (which comes in the kit, conveniently) and top it off with Make Up For Ever’s newest mascara, smoky extravagant. I personally love to play up my eyes, and as you guys already know I’m a huge fan of the mascaras by Make Up For Ever. They never disappoint.

And lastly, one of you lucky Canadian readers will be winning this Extravagant Glamour Kit from Make Up For Ever. Use it on yourself this holiday season, or wrap it up and give it to one of your friends!

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