Throwback Thursday TV Shows

Hi guys!

I took yesterday off blogging. I’m really focusing on paleo these past few days. I’m feeling a little lightheaded and tired on Tues & Wed, so I decided to just come home afterwards and relax (after my CrossFit and making supper of course). I also think I’m getting some sort of sinus cold. I have swollen lymph nodes on my throat and the bottoms of my ears have felt like they want to ‘pop’ so to speak. I think I’m going to head to the drop in clinic soon…

So today’s post is going to be a little lighthearted. I’ll get back into the swing of things next week.

My OOTWW’s will be posted tomorrow and on Saturday I have another recap of what I’ve been eating all this week on paleo. Here we go paleo day 12! Let’s do this :)

I’ve been updating everything I eat already on my instagram so it’ll be no surprise to you if you’ve already followed me there then come here Saturday/Sunday.

Who remembers watching these television shows?thefactsoflife-seasons1and2I don’t remember The Facts Of Life too much, as I was really young when it was on. But I do remember a few of the girls on it, and their characters a little bit.

Family-Ties-tv-03Family Ties! Also vague memories about this show, but I do remember watching it! I remember thinking the older sister was a bit of a bossy boots.


Anytime I see anyone from the cast of Roseanne in a movie or on TV, I automatically think of them being on that 80’s show. Her laugh was just the worst, wasn’t it? So comical. Totally forgot the little brother existed. Oops.

Growing PainsGrowing Pains. Wow, there was a lot of people in this cast. I didn’t remember their faces, just the show’s name and that Leo was in it as an adoptive kid. Remember this show? I think it came on around supper time!!

Famiyl MattersFunny how you only remember certain faces. Didn’t realize all these folks were in the show too. Random fact about me. I dressed up as Steve Urkle in grade 3 (or 4) and walked on stage for a talent show at school and all I can remember saying is “Did eeyyyyyyyee do thaaaat?” and flick my suspenders and walk off. lol

freshprince.0_standard_352.0 Fresh Prince Of Belair. Will looks sooo young!! P.S. I totally dance like Carlton. Snap those fingers!

My_Secret_IdentityMy favorite show: My Secret Identity. Someone must remember this, no? A few of my co-workers didn’t recall of it at all.

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How to make a rubber band ball

You know those not-so fancy rubber band balls that people sometimes have on their desks?

Well, I went to visit my co-worker at the other office (hi frand) and I noticed she had a full rubber band ball made out of mostly blue bands. How pretty looking! I asked her if she made it since it was kind of small. She certainly did.

Amy ended up giving me the rubber band ball because she wasn’t a fan of the blue rubber bands. What?! I know.

I was nearing the end of my blue ball (snicker snicker) and I decided to give Aimster a phone call. I mean, what happens when I run out? I want to know for myself how to recreate the rubber band ball for myself!

I left her a voice mail since she wasn’t at her desk. And instead of calling me back she ended up BBM’ing me step-by-step instructions with photographs to show me how to make your own rubber band ball. Hilarious, right? So I’m featuring Amy on my blog, and the rubber band ball tutorial. Please proceed :)

Step one: tie your rubber band in a to make a rubber band ball-001

Step two: Bundle your knot into itself and add another band on top, criss-crossing to make a rubber band ball-002

Step three: Wrap part of the ball around your finger and add more rubber bands until it forms a ball shape. how to make a rubber band ball-003

Add a shiz ton more bands and you have this! My beautiful rubber band ball at work courtesy of rubber band ballAnd now you have yourself your very own rubber band ball. Lucky you.

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Minor upgrades to spiffykerms

I’m not that computer savvy. I’ve been blogging with the WordPress platform since I switched over a few years ago, from editing my site in HTML and re-uploading the main.html file EVERY time I wanted to do a blog entry. Crazy huh?

So whenever anyone tells me that there are some neat plugins for my site, I jump at the chance. Especially if it’s going to improve the quality and accessibility to my website.

Erin who blogs over at ButterNWhiskey (love that name by the way) mentioned a new-to-me plugin called nrelate, and thank the lord they have a step-by-step guide on how to search for it, download and install it. It literally took about 16 seconds to do it all.

Now you can see at the bottom of each blog post entry, related posts with 4 images/links. YAY!

I like that little change I’ve added to my website, so thanks Erin and thanks nrelate for creating a fun plugin. I had no idea it was that easy.

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