Fun stuff!

More fun office supplies, for giveaways to promote our web site. I usually hand these out to the front–line staff who deal with our members. I love being the person who gets to pick out what we give away, these are the Krypton pens! The climber in me wanted to order some carabiner key chains so I purchased I think 250 of them? They kinda look like the ones I posted on the right hand side here, but they come in nicer colors. I’ll be sure to take pictures of those too :)

Just past Monday I ordered 500 more pens (like the ones I wrote about here) we go through them like candy here. As a kid I always walked through the stationary aisle of stores, and always picked out a pen or two to buy and…cherish lol. I swear, I’m not that weird but as you can see I really do love my job!

Okay, so I have to edit my blog entry and just add that I think 4imprint is the most fantastic promotional company I’ve dealt with. I just got off the online ‘Live Assist’ chat thingie with a 4imprint representative and requested a sample of one of the gel pens I was eying, and I totally got it. Should be here in 2–4 business days lol. AWESOME?

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Friday Freebies

Gooooood Friday morning everyone! What does everyone have planned for our Canadian Thanksgiving?

I live in a city where Mennonites and Germans have settled years ago, and this weekend is to celebrate part of the German heritage. OKTOBERFEST starts up today! Supposedly there is a parade, but I’ve never heard of it— it’d be interesting to attend it and see all the costumes. I saw one nerdy looking guy at the bus terminal this morning wearing a German styled hat with a feather in it. Kinda cool. There’s also another road race at the end of Oktoberfest which BF & I will compete in. He’ll do the 10k in 37 minutes, while I’ll do the 5k in 29/30 minutes. HA! It should be fairly easy as it starts up at one of the malls and just heads downhill the whole way. I’m sure some of the times will be utterly ridiculous and impossible to beat. But it’s just for fun, and I want to beat my own personal time.

Our balcony looks over this wonderful lush green park and on the other side of the park is the football field. Every few Saturday afternoons we always hear roars, oohs and ahhs from the field. BF & I have never been to a University football game before, so for BFs birthday I bought him tickets, and we’re going to watch a game tomorrow afternoon. Awesome. I’m totally going to wear the colors of the local team. GO HAWKS!


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It’s freebie day!

I will be away on vacation until Monday morning. I’m getting a pedicure done tonight, eyebrows waxed and notified my boss that I’m taking a vacation day tomorrow. We’re heading up north while the BF competes in a HALF IRONMAN. Oh yes. Details and photos to follow after. I’m going to be dead tired at work on Monday morning as we’re driving back (four hours or so?) at like 5am lol.

Cheerleader Girlfriend! Yay!

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