Sephora VIB haulage

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail for the lucky VIB’s that we get a gift with a $35 purchase. Basically, that’s all I needed to hear and I was in. I printed off the e-mail immediately and my co-worker L and I headed off on our lunch break to the local mall and hit up Sephora.

Since I’m a huge fan of Philosophy’s products, or is it the cute packaging that gets me every time? Either way, I picked up this terrific smelling body wash and body lotion set.

Despite me being a candy addict. I dislike anything that smells like food. Philosophy has some new body washes out that smells like Chocolate, and Fizzy soda pop – which smells good if I could eat it. But I don’t thin I’d like to rub that over my body. Then again, I have no qualms about rubbing something that smells like a lime margarita over me in the shower. Who knows. Maybe I just like to stick to my citrus scents, and fresh scents.

This one leans more on the citrus side of things with Pineapple and Coconut infused in it.

I also picked up a nail file, and received some freebies in my bag with my purchase. Benefit Hello Flawless foundation and a Kate Somerville exfoliator.

Now, onto the VIB goodie bag!! The most exciting part!

Oh buddy!Let’s see, what have we got?

  1. L’Occitane hand cream
  2. Algenist night cream
  3. Sephora instant moisturizer
  4. Sephora foundation primer
  5. Smashbox foundation primer
  6. Stella McCartney perfume
  7. Murad radiance peel
  8. Lancome hypnôse drama mascara

All tucked away into a little silver Sephora makeup bag. The bag isn’t the best of quality, which doesn’t bother me, seeing as I have a ton of mini make up bags. It feels like paper, and would rip in a second. I do love the striped lining in it though!

Are you a VIB? Did you pick up your Sephora VIB bag?

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Glymm points

I’ve been a subscriber to Glymm boxes for a year as of July. You can see my monthly updates on YouTube where I show you unveiling videos of the new boxes that come in.

When you refer new members, or fill out surveys you earn points towards free products. I milk that for alllllll it’s worth, you guys. I put my referral link underneath my videos and of course, right here on my blog as well. So whenever someone signs up to get a new box for themselves, I get myself 50 points. Win-win!

Glymm has got to be the best Canadian subscription box out there, in my opinion. I think it was because they handed out candy for the first few months in their boxes. That must be it ;) Glymm’s customer service is A+, and I’ve never had any issues with them whatsoever. I’ve had a million and one questions when I messed up payment options, or just random questions about orders in general. They’re quick answering their e-mails back too, and the girls (and guys?) working there are just SO sweet. In fact, I even met one of the girls I used to deal with at Glymm, I met Priya in Toronto back in June!

Plus, Glymm is still one of the cheapest Canadian subscription boxes. Even if they did raise their price for new members ($12.00/month). But they still kept us old subscribers happy, and will continue to charge us the original $10.00/month. Not every company has or was willing to do that for their members.

Alright, so back to my original blog post plan. My Glymm points were slowly disappearing on a daily basis, because if you don’t already know this — Glymm points expire after 1 year. I’ve been visiting the Glymm shop on a daily basis, deciding what to get. So I finally bit the bullet and just checked out with whatever was in my shopping cart and had it delivered. I’m definitely a happy camper! Here’s my loot:

I used a coupon code to get this necklace for free with my purchase (under “Special Offers“). With all of the freebies I got, I could get some NOLA Garden Gates! Moses.

I am not affiliated with Glymm at all. I just get free points as everyone else would, referring friends.

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Glymm raises their prices

Yes, Glymm has raised their beauty box prices. But fret not folks!!

Members who are already receiving boxes and have been subscribed to Glymm will still benefit from the $10/box. New members signing up will have to pay the $12/month.

But Glymm has a promotion on the go where if you are looking to sign up for a box, you get the same discount as old members, if you sign up for the full year! (I know, it gets a little confusing).

(Click image to enlarge for promo code)

Sign up here to get 6 month = $60. 12 month sign up = $108.

Are you a fan of monthly beauty boxes?

I am, but the boxes are getting a little overwhelming. I receive my GlossyBoxes for free due to the referrals, I pay for Glymm boxes and TopBoxes. I unsubscribed from Loose Button because I disliked their services and duplicate products.

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