Exploring Bay Area Playgrounds: Brigadoon Park

Brigadoon Park
Brigadoon Way and Maloney Drive
San Jose, California 95121

Whoa, Brigadoon Park playground is a gem in the Evergreen neighbourhood of San Jose. The concrete slides is something to marvel at. Quite an impressive trio, and I admit, intimidating at first glance. If you’re a daredevil and want to go down the slide faster, use the litter (ahem I mean….cardboard) that others had brought, and left there. The hill to walk up to the slides is quite the hike, but it didn’t stop my older guy from going down and not playing much on the structures at all – he’s a slide kinda kid. Don’t blame him, really.

There are 2 play structures, and under the bridge and through the wood chips there’s a large set of swings (8 or so?).

Note, there are no bathrooms on site. Had to leave this one early because we had to use one. Oops.

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