Sunrise walks with my baby

I’m finding it difficult navigating our mornings. Do I keep our littlest guy in the house, while he squeaks and squacks at 5am and wakes up the entire household….including a toddler who NEEDS his sleep. Or do I head out in the backyard with our winter coats on (because before the sun rises, it’s about 6*C out there) and wait for it to get brighter?

It was easier in the summer when the sun rose earlier. But now it doesn’t get light until about 7am, and I don’t feel safe heading around in the pitch black. I even know the schedule of the crows! LOL! Seriously! I can predict it, they’re always on schedule. A whole slew of them fly overhead between 6:30-6:35. How do they know how to be so on time? It’s interesting. I do look up with my mouth closed, in case they do ….drop anything, if ya get what I’m saying.

Anyway, here’s a glimpse into some of our morning adventures….

Side note…my winter coat I’m wearing here is a men’s winter coat, by Wantdo. It comes in 21(!!!) colours. I went with the men’s because I liked their colour selection better and this shade of brown is my faveeee 👌🏻. If we’re getting technical, it’s marketed as a men’s waterproof ski jacket. They have a whole bunch of good stuff for affordable prices on their site – they sell on Amazon too. I got bebs a puffer coat for the winter, and I got my husband a green version of this coat, too.

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